How To Make No Sew Ribbon Rose Flowers

I have been making ribbon rose flowers for a long time and it's just one of those things that you do by hand that is therapeutic and relaxing. Ribbon rosettes can be used to adorn so many things or as I have done today you can simply create pretty ribbon long stemmed flowers. It's my birthday and I felt like being a bit nostalgic and romantic!

pink ribbon rose flower arrangment

My daughter was here last weekend and she told me that the color BLUSH is a hot trend with the millenials and BLUSH has always been a color that I adore. This project is so easy and you don't have to even own a needle and thread, as there is NO SEWING involved! Let's get started...


blush pink ribbon

Cut a length of ribbon about a yard long. You don't have to measure, just hold the ribbon in your hand and bring it up to your collarbone. That is a yard, just in case you didn't know ;-). Take the ribbon and fold it down the way that I've shown in the photo above. You can either use a T-PIN to hold it in place that will be pulled out later, or dab a bit of hot glue into the fold and press down to adhere.

By the way, if you want the ribbon roses for clothing or something that needs to be washed, I would suggest using a needle and thread and just do a couple of tack stitches every once in awhile.

ribbon rose flower tutorial

Now begin rolling the ribbon and do it somewhat tightly at first. As you progress with the rolling you can loosen up the grip. The center is going to look like the center of a rose, so think about how a rose in nature unfurls.

rolling ribbon roses to make a flower

As you move along turning your ribbon you'll want to fold it over ever other turn or so to form the folds of the rose. I was going to create a video for you and may add one later on...let me know in the comments if that would be helpful.

pink ribbon rosette

Here is my RIBBON ROSETTE as it nears completion. It's helpful to use a dab of hot glue on the backside in the folds of the ribbon every few turns to hold the ribbon in place. It's one of those skills that you'll improve on the more that you do it, so practice and practice and don't give up! If tacking with a needle and thread is easier for you, then by all means do it that way.

hot glue no sew project

Hot glue the RIBBON ROSE when you feel that it is complete at the very last turn on the backside, then pull out your T-Pin and cut off any excess ribbon that remains.

rose crafting

If you choose to make flowers to place in a vase then grab a chenille pipe cleaner (I always keep a stash in my craft studio:-) and push it up inside the center roll with a dab of hot glue.

silk ribbon roses

These would be lovely for a BRIDAL BOUQUET, and I've used RIBBON FLOWERS to make necklaces, adorn lampshades, clothing and more. I wouldn't say that ribbon roses are necessarily on trend, but I use what I like and I think that these are pretty and soft in any setting...even just laying down.

statement necklace with roses

This is an older shot from something that I did for Country Living Magazine, and you can use torn fabric strips as well to make rolled ribbon roses.

blush pink ribbon roses

blush pink ribbon rose arrangement

I added vintage velvet millinery leaves to a few of the roses by hot gluing to the back.

display of ribbon roses