How To Make A Thrifty Wreath Look Elegant

I love to shop...and really shop, as I look around quite a bit before I buy. Knowing what you want and sticking to whatever your budget allows is an art form that I feel I've perfected over the years. How about you? Thrifty truly can look elegant and I feel that if I've mastered anything (besides photography:-) that might be my calling.

vintage silk flowers on a wreath

A great way to save on seasonal items is to shop for them after the season is over and the stores mark down inventory in hopes of a sell out.
So last year I founds some spring grapevine wreaths at Target just when Easter was over and the summer fun in the sun products were hitting the stores.

silk flower wreath Target

Yes, I know that they are pretty...very pretty and indeed I had second thoughts about repurposing them. But if you know me, bright color isn't really my thing and I tend to be a soft hearted romantic in all ways:-)

clearance bargain wholesale cheap spring wreath

I am not above buying on clearance, especially at Target where I head for the dollar bins first. For the price I felt that it would do no harm in cutting them up and taking out the loud silk magenta daisies. And the yellow....whatchamacallits! I do use silk flowers, but not poor quality ones. It makes a difference my friends.

spring wreath makeover

My trusty garden clippers came out of the drawer and were happy to snip off the less than stellar plastic parts.

collection vintage millinery

I decided to use some vintage millinery and I've been collecting and hoarding it for years. Vintage millinery is still relatively easy to find and I suggest looking for old church hats when you are out thrifting or search on Etsy or eBay. 

making a spring wreath

It's not rocket science, I filled in the blank areas on the grapevine wreath with the vintage silk flowers. Whenever you work on anything artistic, try and create a flow of color to draw your eyes from one end to the next. I've talked about FAUX FLOWERS before and back in the day I made a slew of mannequins for clients that were loaded with vintage millinery and fabulous silk flowers. So much fun!

vintage mannequins with flowers

floral crown wreath french style

I love the way that this softly muted wreath looks and it's just perfect for spring. So much better than that overly bright and plastic looking thrifty wreath ;-)

beautiful spring wreath

romantic wreath

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