10 Ways To Add Romantic Style To Your Home

Do you consider yourself to be a romantic in nature? You know...flowers, candle lit dinners, chocolates and a nice glass of wine? What about your decorating style? Today I'll be sharing 10 tips taken from my own signature style that is casual, soft and has subtle touches of romance without being over the top.

ranunculus in mason jars


1. Bouquets Of Flowers

ranunculus in copper vase

Fresh flowers such as roses, ranunculus, hydrangeas and hyacinths are a simple way to add a burst of color and fragrance to your home. Think of adding your flowers to a worn vintage ironstone pitcher or for a container that won't compete with the arrangement, use a clear glass vase. Stuff it full and loosely and create bountiful beauty in your bouquet.

2. Hang a Chandelier

tulips and hyacinths spring table centerpiece

Vintage chandeliers have long been a passion of mine and are the jewelry to your room. I prefer them to be dripping with crystals and have at least one in every room in my home. If you are going to splurge on one decorating item I recommend finding a stunning showstopper of a chandelier and sometimes (depending on the room) you can hang two or three. We hang all of our chandeliers with dimmer switches to create a soft ROMANTIC atmosphere. 

3. Lovely Fabrics

beautiful table settings weddings ruffles

To soften up the look of a sofa or chair, a pretty printed pillow or one with ruffles will give it a cottage feel. For your dining table, dress it up with a white linen tablecloth or once again...layers of ruffles. I often use my Shabby Chic duvet covers as tablecloths, turning a pricey item into a something with more than one use and justifying the cost.

4. Salvage Style

french crystal chandelier

A timeworn mantel has been incorporated into both the living room and master bedroom in our home, giving each room a focal point and a shelf to arrange vignettes. You can often find vintage mantels in antique stores and at flea markets and they are generally quite affordable. Look at them as a major piece of art for your home.

5. Add Candlelight

dripping candles

For the glow and fragrance add some dinner tapers to your dining table. If a holiday is approaching I will leave my table set with a centerpiece of flowers and candles all week long. Candles are a great and inexpensive way to add charm to any cottage or home.

6. Collections To Use

french zinc pitcher hydrangeas

Start a collection of something vintage that speaks to your heart. I collect lots of things (probably too many:-) but some of my favorites are pitchers and jars for floral arranging and vintage dishes and dinnerware. Something sentimental and not too sweet and always look for objects that are utilitarian.

7. Mirrors To Reflect On

antique french mirror

Mirrors add depth to a room by not only reflecting the view, but light and shadow. Don't be afraid to stack mirrors and I always love a great old French mirror or one with it's original paint.

8. Old Paint

cherry blossom branches indoors

Original old paint can be a real treasure when you come across that special piece that is authentically yummy and chipped to perfection! An old dresser or cabinet, or a bench that both are objects that have use around your home and not just sit around collecting dust.

9. Delicious Dishes

romantic shabby chic table centerpiece

Plates are something that you use every single day, so why not make them pretty? Have a set of everyday white dishes and stack a pretty vintage plate or two on top in varying sizes. You don't need to spend a fortune to do this and look for mismatched plates at thrift shops in similar colorways. Dishes and plates are a passion of mine as a stylist and one of the items that I will sometimes splurge on for my home and work.

10. Beautiful Bed

ruffled duvet shabby chic couture

Dress your bed for sink in soft beauty but keep it light and airy enough for "him" to approve of and appreciate. Lots of pillows are an absolute must, and soft and inviting textiles. See...there is the duvet cover that does double duty around here I mentioned to you above!
Give your linens a spritz of a few drops of essential oil dropped into a spray bottle of water every night before bedtime. 

A few key extra tips...
Less is often best
Group objects for display and give them more impact
Don't have stuff for the sake of having it and use what you have as often as you can

10 Ways To Add Romantic Style To Your Home-#shabbyfufublog
Have a great week and I'll be seeing you tomorrow for an exciting and beautiful tablescape styling for Spring with some friends!

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