5 Proven Ways To Extend Your Flower Budget

Are you tempted every single time you head in to do your grocery shopping? You know how they purposely try and woo you over to the dark side with the candy prominently put at the level of your eyes at the check out? I used to work in retail marketing and...

spring flowers on a mantel

of course that's a trick as old as the hills, but not what I'm focusing on today. I'm talking about the beautiful blooms that seduce you with color and at this time of the year lots of fragrance. You can really be thrifty though with just a few tricks of display, and here are 5 of my favorite budget stretching tips. 

Flower Arrangement Ideas

spring floral centerpiece and candles


I shot this outdoors last night and will have more of this to show you later in a special post with friends. Candles are one of my favorite ways to entice that relaxation mode and sometimes I'll have just a single bloom in a jar and load up the table with inexpensive dinner tapers as the ones above. I'll have to add that where you shop for flowers does make a difference and I buy seasonal flowers whenever I can find them. I loaded up yesterday at Trader Joes with some special upcoming photo shoot work, but found tulips, hyacinth, and seeded eucalyptus and the prices were reasonable as can be!

vintage bird illustrations


Right now with spring being born I'm sprinkling in the artwork around my home that you might associate with displaying at this time of year. I've been collecting bird prints for years and pulled out this set of 1920's lithographs in authentic bamboo frames that I recall picking up at a yard sale. They are tattered to perfection within the frames behind glass and are small enough to simply prop in my mantel vignette.

Pick up some inexpensive artwork when you find something that speaks to you and display alongside your florals so that you don't need a mass quantity and you'll still have lots of color and interest. I have a GUIDE in THIS POST from when I taught PHOTO STYLING last year at the HAVEN CONFERENCE, and there is another for you as well from my friend Matthew Mead. Both are free for you to download.

vintage lithograph in bamboo frame

When I tire of the bird prints being on the mantel I store them in a prop cabinet and that my friends is the beauty of not hanging your art, but simply propping in a vignette.

old tattered books and flowers


Whether you use books along with flowers or other props, they add a personal touch and as shown above, add height to this simple flower arrangement in a jar. Nothing else is needed, so for price of a bunch of grocery store flowers it is effortless and non forced beauty.

These books are old and I do love to mix my pages turned out for some texture.

books and flowers on a french mantel

Uncomplicated and light as air and if you'd like to learn my tricks for making NEW BOOKS LOOK OLD I have a slightly different way than most.

Do you know what that white piece is laying on the side? That brings me to my next tip of EXTENDING YOUR FLOWER BUDGET ;-)

floral display for spring with hyacinth and tulips


The piece above is just one of those things. We had a reproduction poster bed at one time and I was tired of it, and decided to saw off the posts after removing the finials! That's just me and my husband gives me the eye roll when I get these crazy ideas, but trust me it came out great (pre-digital camera age).

You don't need a bed to saw, lol...just look for things like old finials, corbels, doorknobs, chandelier crystals and keep your eyes wide open to possibilities. Again...one or two jars of flowers and an element or two is easy as can be. That brings me to my next tip...

beautiful spring flowers


I'm not a hoarder, but I love all things bottles and jars and pick up old ones whenever I can at thrift shops for pennies. Not only are they perfect for a single bloom, but when you are creating vignettes think of grouping. Three are better than one and five are better than three sometimes. I like to group in uneven numbers and that's just what my eyes tell me looks good.

vintage bottles with flowers

Lastly, play around and edit. Do you prefer the books in the vignette or a clean look as above? It's all a matter of taste and what looks good to you and I would not worry about the rules that some may say:-)

pink hyacinth in a vintage bottle

5 Proven Ways To Extend Your Flower Budget

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