French Flair In A Box Unwrapped

This past week I was so happy to receive some beautiful gifts from three of my fellow entrepreneurial girlfriends and as I write this today I am feeling like I'm in France. Honestly one of my favorite aspects of the on-line life is the sisterhood that can be found...

French coffee cup

amongst those with similar passions, lifestyles or interests. You can chat for hours about the struggles of blogging and the great rewards. Often you'll bounce ideas off of each-other and there are those who love to help when help is needed or to enjoy seeing the sisterhood succeed. It feels like you are drinking coffee or tea with someone that maybe you haven't met... just yet.

But you hope to some day...

Fragonard soaps pastels

And when you do maybe you will exchange a special gift beyond talk...a gift from the heart for a woman that you feel you already know.

french candle and soaps

Something with a beautiful scent that could grow to become a new favorite. Objects of beauty and femininity that you love to gather as well and have close by.

antique French stemware

Pieces of the past that evoke a feeling of times gone by when utilitarian wares were made to last for the decades ahead. 

french soap by fragonard

Scents that recall a trip to a favorite France.

hand painted french flowers

Or hand made and heartfelt and a place to put pen to paper like in the old days.

my stylish french box

These are some of the things that Sharon Santoni of a blog that I have followed for years... My French Country Home presents in her new subscription box service.

my stylish french box at shabbyfufu

All of the items above are from the first box that is now sold out and Sharon is currently curating the next box from her life and loves in France. Find out more about the French flair of My Stylish French Box and I thank Sharon for sending me one to explore.

All photos are my own via iPhone and please visit the unboxing video (via iPhone) of My Stylish French Box below. Please join me next week for TWO HOME TOURS with some amazing groups of FRIENDS ;-)

For more friends...visit the girls of Home Style Saturdays, which is our weekly event!
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