A Fast Track To Adding Blue Accents In Your Home

I like blue. That might be an understatement because actually I LOVE blue! Back when my husband and I built our first home I was on a fast track with the English floral train.


I was enamored with the style on prints of Laura Ashley (whom he gets confused with and calls Rachel Ashwell:-) and there was a shop conveniently located close to our home. Pre-internet and pre-child days when I had more time to actually go to physical stores and enjoy shopping adventures with my husband and/or my friends.
I don't have any photos that are worthy of showing because it was also pre-dslr camera times and we also lost several albums of photos back in Hurricane Andrew. 


I loved to mix my English florals with pin stripes and had our master bedroom done with all Laura Ashley prints. It was so pretty and not too feminine and my lamps beside the bed were blue and white Chinoiserie. I'd give anything to have those photos back, but I don't have them...and instead I'm embracing those touches of blue all throughout my home. A bonus about blue is it's perfect companion pink. Soft blush pink or the richer pink of the ranunculus mixed with gold and set against a sea of white on my table that is set for the weekend. 


Do you wish to add more blue to your decor, but you aren't sure how? It just takes a piece or two to start with. Perhaps a pillow that is predominantly blue, a piece of pottery, a throw or a piece of pretty pottery. Try an accent or two and take it from there...then see what you think. If you don't care for it then pass those objects along, but I think that you will be on the fast track to more blue too;-)

Next week's post will focus on florals and I have a blue collection of DIY tutorials for you as well. I hope that you join me then! If you are new here I'd love to extend the invite for you to subscribe to the Newsletter and I've just created this sweet floral printable that you can download and print up to 8 x 10 (or more) for your home or to give as a gift...



Now it's time for Home Style Saturdays, a day that is rich with information from my friends!