How To Pamper Your Mom With Gifts

As women we all love a little bit of pampering and at any age self care is so important to how we feel and look. I'm so glad that I tried my best to take care of my skin in my teen years and beyond, especially living in the land of eternal sunshine.

My daughters and I enjoyed the rituals every so often when they still lived at home of...

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hanging out and doing facials and mani/pedis together and now that they are grown we sometimes head to a spa for treatments. So much fun bonding and beauty gifts are what they seem to love most.

So do I, but nowadays I'm more careful of what I use on the outside of my body, just like I am when it comes to the inside. Back in the days of my youth there weren't that many options available that were natural without lots of harsh ingredients. When I was in college I started making some of my own beauty products out of not only the wish to avoid those chemical creations, but cost and the fact that I'm sensitive and never sure what will bother me.

Are you easily affected by colors, stabilizers and dyes too? Have you tried (or thought of trying:-) your hand at making your own scrubs, bath products, body wash...etc? Today I have some DIYs for you to try...

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Indulge not only your own bath time, but what an amazing Mother's Day gift these all natural BATH BOMB DONUTS would make! When you give a gift like this to Mom she will definitely feel the love and the the goat's milk soap base is gentle. Just place in a cellophane gift bag with a pretty tag and skip the stores.

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Coconut oil is the base of this vanilla orange mint sugar scrub and with a pretty glass jar that is airtight and give to Mom or Grandma and save this idea for the teachers on your list. 

I have gathered more for you below. Take some time...enjoy and see what you come up with as you get more creative and comfortable with the EASY processes! I also have a FREE MOTHER'S DAY PRINTABLE FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD AND FRAME at the end of this post.

20 Pampering Gifts To Make For Mothers Day (or any day)

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