5 Things To Love About Outdoor Entertaining

This has been the year of outdoor dining and entertaining at our home, and we are enjoying it more than ever since making some changes and updates! I can't believe that it took so long to get going with these real estate revisions, but it's kind of like potato chips.

You get on a roll and can't stop at one chip! What's not to love about being out here, but you can take any small space and create a haven and here are my favorites.

5 Things To Love About Outdoor Entertaining

  • Fresh air (En plein air)

Since we installed our romantic pea gravel patio we have found ourselves out here as often as possible, especially in the evening. The air is so fresh outdoors and the breezes are sublime, even into the hot summer months. This area sits under a Plumeria tree and the shrubbery has some Night Blooming Jasmine mixed in. The fragrance is intoxicating and light enough with the breezes to waft around lightly.

Take this concept to your porch and purchase some potted plants that will give off a nice scent, like small rose bushes, gardenia or lavender. You don't need a lot of room and can do this on a condo balcony just as easily as a back yard retreat.

  • Casual Atmosphere

Our kids are grown and this past weekend for Easter we had some great friends over who have that empty nest as well. With time to linger we sat outdoors and just enjoyed the casual laid-back atmosphere of being outside and the hours just slipped by into the night. No need to hurry and rush outside and it called to mind the many visits to European bistros where relaxing is simple and easy.

I enjoy combining casual and formal in the table settings as well, and here I've used new pieces and old...porcelain and plastic.

  • Garden Greenery

Everything looks better against the lush greenery of the garden and the colors of the dinnerware and fresh florals just pop. Sometimes I'll use a tablecloth like this ruffled duvet turned cloth and sometimes not.


  • Food Tastes Better

Why is it that food tastes better outdoors...or am I just that romantic girl who dreams so? Perhaps it because of the tranquil way we wind our batteries down outdoors and simmer down from the day. There has to be a reason why cafes in Europe have had outside tables for centuries now...and by the way my folding wood bistro chairs are authentic and purchased from a cafe in Provence.

  • The Play Of Light

As a photographer I periodically sit out here and just watch the light play through the trees. Ever observant I have learned when the optimum time is to shoot outdoors and enjoy watching the dappled light when dining outdoors. Shade is best here in Florida for dining and the days are nice and long to enjoy outdoor entertaining for several hours at day's end.


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