How To Design A Table Centerpiece With Wisteria

The last few days as I've been walking the neighborhood with the dogs I've noticed a profusion of flowers, and for some reason many of what's in bloom here at the moment are lavender in tone. There is one bush in particular that I've been stalking at a neighbor's home, and I believe that it's Florida Wisteria. I helped myself to a teeny branch today...(oh come on, they won't notice:-) to use in a quick floral centerpiece.

wisteria floral arrangement

I literally plopped the florals into a big glass pickle jar that I had painted in the past.

lavender table arrangement

You can find some more out about how to paint glass any color that you'd like to in this POST.

pretty tablescape with purple

Pretty candles and a lavender ruffled tablecloth/throw that I used to sell in my shop. A favorite vintage tea cup, antique plates from France and printed shabby floral napkins.

purple glass jar with flowers on a table

The other flowers are from our own garden and I clipped them to add to the table. One thing that I've noticed about using wild flowers is that they tend not to last for more than a day once cut. I'm not sure why and have tried every trick...but they sadly wilt quickly.

wisteria draping down

Wisteria is actually a vine and it's short lived here in the deep south where spring is a quick season. It's a climbing vine with large, drooping clusters of lilac or bluish purple flowers. Wisteria vines can grow up to 30 feet long and is beautifully fragrant. There are a couple of different varieties and I'm trying my hand at cultivating some in our garden. I will let you know if we have any luck!

florida wisteria

Since I've been working outside I looked forward to something sweet this afternoon and found a box of meringue cookies in the pantry. Meringue cookies and tea are a sweet spring afternoon indulgence that are low in calories and fat free.

HINT* Meringue cookies last for a very long time and I save them to use as props for table settings. You can find them in most grocery stores in white, pink and sometimes a pale yellow that are all pretty for spring.

pretty table with wisteria

Have I gotten you hooked on lavender? What's your favorite accent color? I'll be back later this week with some other fun posts!

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