Renovation Of The Beach House White Kitchen

It's so exciting to renovate a space and to me as a homeowner the kitchen is the most exciting room for seeing dreams come to fruition for sure. I have just a quick peek shot today, because we still have work to do and this shot has something blatantly wrong!


I'll tell you more when I do the full reveal, so stay tuned for that. Soon...I hope. It's difficult to get a lot done at the beach home since we are only up here a couple of days at a time and doing much of the work ourselves. 
Still on the to do list:
  • Handles and pulls: We like the existing ones, but they have saltwater (salt-air) damage and I'm debating on whether to add gold or keep the satin nickel look going on. What are your thoughts? 
  • Fill in work: Since this is a remodel there is a lot of patching up to do. More on that later.
  • Change out the lighting: The great debate, but I don't like the track lighting and am looking for maybe something gooseneck. 
  • Pantry: We are going to DIY a custom coffee bar, microwave center and some food storage.
  • Breakfast nook: Redo the existing furniture or perhaps new and sell off some of what I have.
  • Barstools: Painting white...maybe today!

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