Celebrating A Life Well Lived Today

Hi friends...happy weekend to you all. 

I am over on beautiful Sanibel Island and we are celebrating a life well lived with family and friends, so I'll be keeping this brief. If you know me from Facebook or Instagram then you may know that we have been coming over to Sanibel Island for many years now. My husband's parents

had a home on the island since I first met my husband, and then eventually retired to the island.

Island life went smoothly for them for awhile and then my mother-in-law passed away quite suddenly after a brief illness back in the late 90's and ''dad" became a widower. He spent his days since then following passions for boating, fishing, exercise and hanging out with his many friends.
Things changed for our family 3 years ago when my father-in-law had a stroke and we moved him to Miami to be closer to us. He had already been showing the signs of dementia, like writing checks for the wrong amount, using OnStar to find his way home from the grocery store and some noticeable confusion.
We had him in an excellent facility close by where they could tend to his needs more than we could, and he received the care that he truly deserved. Dementia is a horrible and insidious disease, and for the last year things became much worse. One of us had to go over to his facility pretty much on a daily basis. I won't go into details, but it's been a rough year for our family...especially my sweet and caring husband. 

My father-in-law passed away several months ago, and today we are celebrating his life and legacy here at the place that he loved so dearly. I've learned so much through this journey and may journal more about dementia in another post if you are interested in hearing my thoughts and experiences. Today I have no other words, other than...life is short and should be lived to the fullest every day!

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