Revealing A Secret Space In The Garden

Give me a quiet spot out in the garden and I'm a happy camper. We love being out here in our back yard garden so much, and if you've been following along this is the year that we've decided to give our beloved patch of land some extra fix-up love!


In the morning I'll often bring my cup of coffee outside and clear my head before starting the day. In the afternoon it might be some iced tea (unsweet) and I'm happy to be partnering in this post with Bealls Outlet where I've found the perfect outside drinking glasses and more.
Depending on the weather, sometimes I sit on the back patio to get my day going since it's covered.

The hidden garden space above we actually rediscovered today and I honestly think that one of life's great joys is carving out a spot to hide away in, even for just a few moments. It can take you back to childhood days whenyou played hide and seek or imagined all sorts of scenarios while you played with reckless abandon along with siblings or friends. A space to relax and the garden.

Ferns are always in abundance in our garden and they had completely taken over this spot. The old concrete garden bench was hidden away in a tangled mess and I took my garden clippers out to cut them back.


As I mentioned, today I'm partnering with BEALLS OUTLET and since I love my garden and I know that many of you are working on yours for the season I'm excited to share their GARDEN EVENT taking place through May 4th. I headed straight back to the seasonal area in my local store and found the roomy basket with handles to haul out my garden shears and gloves.

My neighbor and I were just discussing growing herbs last week and I found these kits to grow oregano and basil at Bealls Outlet. The price points are great and I found deals at up to 70% off of retail, so let me show you what else I found. But first...the clean up of the secret garden spot!


After I clipped back the excess ferns my husband was kind enough to clean up the bench:-)


Ferns grow wild here, but truth be told I do not have the greenest of I rely on faux pieces like the pair of BOXWOOD TOPIARIES AND THE MOSS BALLS to dress things up.


Candles are consistently in our garden and patio and these colors are perfect for spring and summer. If you have wind in your garden as we normally do, consider adding votives in glass or using hurricanes to block the breeze. I found all of these items at Bealls Outlet and the prices were on point (all pieces were under $15 each:-) for what I had to spend. I honestly enjoyed shopping there with the layout easy to navigate, abundance of products available and good customer service.


It was warm today as we worked some more in the garden and I brought out some infused water for hydration. My favorite "recipe" for that is to add slices of organic lemon, lime and about half of a cucumber cut into thin slices. Bealls Outlet had a bountiful selection of decorative plastic ware in the GARDEN EVENT section and plastic works well for use outside.


I'll be hanging out in this newly found part of our garden more this spring and summer and if you'd like to see more of our outdoor spaces for inspiration and some'll find those posts HERE.

If you'd like to learn more about BEALLS OUTLET you can access the store locator HERE.

Thank you to Bealls Outlet for sponsoring this post, all honest opinions and words are my own.