How To Create A Garden Tablesetting For Free

I've always been a recycler and it's not so much about protecting the environment to the best of my ability, more because I often find uses for pieces that others trash. Like my husband has a tendency to do. Although I have tried to train him and he's gotten much better about letting me see what he's tossing. With the exception of my aqua beach cruiser that he tossed into a dumpster because the wheels were bent. Let's not go there...I'll never let him live that one down.

But this is about something that I spied headed for the trash just in time...


I recalled saving a table setting image via Pinterest a couple of months ago and thought that it might inspire a summer look. A table full of greenery and with the Panetone color of the year being GREENERY it was an easy find.

How To Create A Garden Tablesetting For Free

Greens that are similar to what grows in my tropical garden and neutrals for a perfect nature inspired setting.


We recently installed A NEW PERGOLA out by the pool after taking the old one down. The old pergola was more closed in and had a ceiling fan to circulate the air. This one doesn't need it, and just as my husband was headed for the trash I saw the blades. The perfectly worn faux wicker blades that I have several recycling thoughts about. 


Placemats would be an ideal use! They are flat and tapered, with one edge being a great size for a dinner plate to sit on. There is no shortage of greenery around here and an amazing assortment of palm leaves! 


Grabbing my garden clippers I climbed over a little ridge on the side of the property and did some trimming, while keeping an eye out for snakes.


Ginger is in bloom and it's free for the clipping and the textured rope pot was the right size to hold a bunch.

How To Create A Garden Tablesetting For Free

Our pea gravel patio that we enlarged this winter and I talked about wistfully in THIS POST. We ate dinner out here this week with this tablescape and it was worth dragging it all out to this secluded spot at the back of our property.


I laid out the giant palm leaves first and then placed a ceiling fan blade at each place setting and topped each one with a plain white dinner plate. White dinnerware seemed like the perfect way to bring out the color of the greenery. 

Old French monogrammed white linen napkins, vintage gold flatware and embossed porcelain drinking cups blend seamlessly and elegantly in this cost free tablescape. 


How To Create A Garden Table Setting For (Practically) Free

  • If you have an outdoor space available for dining al fresco scour the area for greenery that can be incorporated into your centerpiece or table. Simple is often best so branches set into a pretty pot will work just as well as an expensive florist arrangement.
  • Think placements by recycling objects such as book pages, old fencing wood or check the dollar bin at your local store that often has placemat sets on sale.
  • Use your everyday dishes and mix in some pretty napkins that you make from old kitchen toweling or linen sheets.

You don't have to spend a lot to great style if you think outside the box, keep your eyes wide open for possibilities and recycle when you can. Oh...and train your significant other to run it by you before tossing out stuff!

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