How To Easily Beautify A Plain Blah Cake

I must confess...I sometimes (okay...oftentimes) just cannot do it all. Last weekend we had so much going on around our home and with Easter and some entertaining, I was truly feeling overwhelmed. I suppose that if I suffered from anxiety it would have hit me hard, but thankfully I don't and just accept the fact that I'm not perfect and do what I can to make things right. Like in baking and dessert time...

pink roses cake

And this Chantilly Cake that isn't perfect but it is pretty. It didn't start our particularly pretty and here's why.

chantilly cake

How To Easily Beautify A Plain Blah Cake

I picked up our food for the weekend on my usual shopping expedition to Whole Foods and indulged in purchasing this cake. It looked like the shot above and had white frosting and some berries sprinkled artfully on the top. Delicious actually...light vanilla cake that was so moist and and had berries in the body of the cake as well as on top.

And then I realized that it had been sitting in my car for most of the day, forgotten and almost ruined in the bakery box. I remembered that it was in the car when I was lying in bed, just about to fall asleep for the evening and I bolted out of bed and retrieved it. Thankfully my little 2 seater is kept in the garage, otherwise the cake would have been toast, trashed, kaput, in ruins.

cake embellished with tlowers

I had options and since sometimes I'm a lazy baker I tried out a few. If you have a plain Jane cake that you'd like to beautify, it's pretty easy to just add some flowers for presentation purposes. Whenever I do this my guests ohhhhh and ahhhh and your's will too! Don't forget to remove them before slicing unless they are are edible flowers though, and you can find edible flowers at some grocery stores in the produce section.

watercolor cake

This beauty is a watercolor cake from Sugar & Cloth and she painted the frosting with food coloring. 

flower cake

My cake was sort of squished from sitting in the car, so to cover the bottom I took the fruit from the top and circled it around the "damage". If I'd had some shredded coconut in the pantry I would have covered at least the bottom portion with it.

vanilla cake with berries

A version with sugar sprinkles and obviously you could do them in any color that you might have.

cake with berries

Next I added some Cacao Nibs before serving for a bit of crunch. Cacao nibs are said to be a superfood that boosts energy and burns fat. WIN/WIN and they taste like chocolate.

chantilly cake with cacoa and berries

Let's take cake to a whole other level, and if you are at all like me and a bit scatterbrained and need a quick cake fix you can try one of my suggestions above. Happy caking!
decorated grocery store cakes upcycled

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