20 Things That Any Woman Would Love

It's pretty rare for me to go to the mall these days, or out to shop for things like home products, cosmetics and clothing. I'm not sure if you'd call it being lazy, but there is so much to do in daily life and with on-line shopping growing by leaps and bounds things have definitely changed. Have you noticed that in many stores you find something that you like, but not in the color or size that you're after?

Inventory is at an all time low and it's just a fact of life that I think we need to adapt too. Since I work at home I'm able to get much more done by having things delivered. Some of the every day things like
dog food, cosmetics, office supplies....I even get my groceries delivered from Publix (with Shipt) and I don't hate it ;-)

So today I have compiled a Mother's Day Gift Guide that features 20 items that have caught my eye (affiliates) and I wanted to share with you. Some are on my own wish list and a few I already own and there is one thing on the list that I told the fam that I'd love to have for Mother's Day, so hopefully they'll listen:-) Please enjoy, even if it's just to window shop!