5 Ways To Make Your Home More Photogenic

Do you consider your home to be photogenic? What if I were to knock on your door today and tell you that I've been sent on assignment to photograph it?

white kitchen with stainless steel

While I've been working on some projects in both of our homes I often stop and look around with a second set of eyes. As a freelance photographer I just can't help thinking about camera angles, lighting and all of that! One of my favorite tricks in room styling is to
use my iPhone for some test shots. Back in the day Polaroids were often used for tests by the pros who would come in and shoot your home, but now with our phones we have an easy peasy substitute.

chic living room white and blue

If you are a blogger or Instagrammer you definitely have more than a few things to think about when photographing your home! If you are trying to submit to a magazine or perhaps are just moving and want to spruce things up, I'm sharing tips today that I use around here.

5 Ways To Make Your Home More Photogenic


Time to strip or ship it! I've been making a conscious effort to strip down and pare down my own home (and the beach place) and keep only the things that I love and use. It's rough...not easy, I know. For your blog photos (I'm just assuming blogger from here on out today) clear away the family photos (or the too many look), tchotchkes, mail, magazine piles and put them where they belong or toss. In your kitchen find a place to store most of what's on your counters out of sight. The dish sponges, paper towels, detergents and toaster don't have to be on your beautiful countertops and the visual appeal will be so much better without them. Not necessarily minimalist, but reductionist and tuck the stuff out of sight.

white roses in chinoiserie


Open up those blinds and take a look at the windows. Do they need washing, and if so...cleaning them will make more difference than you might think in letting in the light! If you are photographing, I always suggest turning off all of your lamps and artificial light which can make everything look yellow in your capture. 

beach house with aqua bedroom


Now that you have a cleaned up and well lit space, add in just a few accents without overdoing. My own favorites are (no surprise) flowers, pillows and throws can add just the right seasonal color pop. Home stagers often use throws draped across a chair or at the end of a bed and for photos it makes the room look lived in.

wild flower arrangement in a blue pitcher


If you've followed me for any length of time you know that we have 3 dogs (and a rabbit and a guinea pig). Many of my blog readers have commented (messaged, emailed) that some of their favorite photographs of my home include one or more of the dogs roaming around. I don't normally "stage" that unless it's for a brand, it's just real life and it makes a home look lived in! So those pets and messy kids with peanut butter faces really humanize your shots and the shelter magazines include shots like this as well. I would recommend hiding messy feeding bowls, chew toys, litter boxes, etc. 

french style white bedroom


No matter how well "trained" you are as a home stylist or designer, there are going to be things that you just do not notice. Ask a local friend if someone stops by or better yet, get some feedback on a few shots from a trusted blogger or photographer. If you are on Facebook there are so many groups that are open to kind critiques and that's a great way to see with a fresh set of eyes! Somethings that I personally am on the lookout for and crop or edit out in photos are smoke detectors, grill covers, electrical outlets and wires. If photographing a favorite lamp for example I unplug it and tuck the cord underneath or behind.

coastal mantel design

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