5 Easy Outdoor Entertaining Tips To Impress Your Guests

When I'm a guest in someone's home, I'm easily impressed if they are genuine and try and make me feel as if they've put just a little bit of effort into having me there. Do you know what I mean? Honestly I don't need a marching band full of monkeys, but even paper plates can be brought to a higher level with some thought and planning.


No surprise that I was inspired for this tablescape by flowers and right now the garden roses from my local florist are killing it with immense beauty! Today I'm joining with a few friends to bring you some summer ideas, sponsored by Amara. Be sure to visit the other posts linked at the bottom of this post. But first...let me share some of my entertaining tips for summer with you today, outdoors on my covered porch.

 5 Easy Outdoor Entertaining Tips To Impress Your Guests


Grab a dozen SEASONAL FLOWERS from the grocery store RIGHT NOW, because chances are there will be some gorgeous ones. There seems to be a variety of budget beauties in summer and although I didn't take a shot, my daughter brought me some recently from Walgreens that I believe she said were $5.99 for a dozen. Let that be the start of your outdoor entertaining inspiration since seasonal flowers are so affordable, or better yet if you have your own then harvest them to a vase. 

Now...take your color theme based on your seasonal flowers and run with it!



My ruffled David Austin Roses are a combination of peach and pink, so I went through my cupboard for this coffee and cake get-together and picked out tableware in my COLOR THEME.

I'm thrilled to be partnering once again with the elegant AMARA on this post, and these beautiful dishes are the same set that I used in this MOTHER'S DAY post. We love these dishes and I'll be linking up a shopping guide to EVERYTHING AMARA on the bottom.


Such a simple tip, but every single time I have guests I use cloth napkins. You will really IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS and they will think that you went all out, when the napkins do not need to be anything fancy at all. I have a collection of CLOTH NAPKINS in a drawer in my buffet, ranging from vintage napkins to new and inexpensive. Just toss them in the wash when finished and it's more environmentally friendly than paper. You will get praise...every time.

Modern gold and white tapered flatware via AMARA


The weather was looking like some possible rain might be on the way, so I set the table on the covered porch by the pool. We are so enjoying our PINK FLAMINGO floating around the pool and my daughter named her "Fancy". Since I love BLUSH PINK and my girly guests do too, a few extra COLOR THEME touches made them happy. A little bit of forethought of what your guests love goes a long way.


Around our pool we rely on ACRYLIC GLASSES for outdoor entertaining. Plates don't generally get moved around much, but glassware does and it's not safe to have glass stemware poolside. Many public and community pools don't allow it, since there are often bare feet and flip flops walking around. There are some amazing colors and patterns in acrylic barware out in the marketplace right now that look so real.



This stemware is ACRYLIC and always impresses my guests who are somewhat surprised when they pick it up and see how lightweight it is. You'll find them at AMARA and they offer lightning fast and free U.S. shipping over $150.


I don't use tablecloths generally speaking in summer, with the feeling of a BARE TABLE being lighter and more casual. This table is from Restoration Hardware and is metal which is great for use outdoors, but it has the look of wood.


Everything tastes better outside...even coffee.


Thank you again to AMARA Lifestyle for supplying items for this post that I've mixed in with my vintage and personal collections. Please visit my friends who are posting along with me today, and SHOP THE POST below!