Fresh Updates On The Beach House Kitchen Remodel

It's been a whole lot of fun seeing this kitchen at the beach house come together and we spent a few days up there this past weekend mostly working. Right now you might think that it looks like the White House, but color will be added to varying degrees as we move along further.


No full reveal just yet, but here are a few updates that we made this weekend and for more...I'd love for you to follow along on my Instagram feed for live videos and more daily shots! Here's what's new...


We purchased these barstools when we moved into this place, fourteen years ago. What attracted me to them has always been the rounded back and the cut out shape, allowing you to see through them. I had looked at purchasing some other barstools, but at over $300 a pop I gave these a lot of though...maybe even bordering on obsession. Hah! 

What was it that I didn't like about them? The color...which was an heirloom white (came that way) and the seats that had the wood finish. I'll be breaking this all down with separate DIY posts and show you how we painted these in no more than 1/2 hour! Watch for that post coming your way soon.


The barstools look so crisp and more modern now and these get a lot of "sitting in a bathing suit covered in sand and salt" use, so they will hold up well. Perhaps I'll add some chair pads at some point, but color is going to come to the room with accessories.


A new table in the breakfast nook and you might be surprised at what we originally started with here, so pop over to THIS POST to see! We sold that other set awhile ago and in the interim had a card table, so this is quite an improvement. I'll affiliate link the affordable table below if you are looking for something similar.


I gave the chairs a fresh coat of paint and am really not sure if they will stay or be sold for something else. They are the right size and are very comfortable, but possibly would look better with fresh fabric. What are your thoughts...I'd love to hear in the comments.


The chandelier is undersized, so I will be changing that out and am still hunting around for something that won't be too competitive with the other lighting that we've got going on already. The room needs artwork and I've picked out something special that will bring in color. 

I'm planning on selling some of my vintage pieces soon...


I have been working with our cabinet guy to come up with a plan for updating the pantry and creating a coffee bar/microwave station and with some pantry space. Some projects are worth leaving to the professionals and this is one of them.
Have a great week and I wanted to let you know that I'm going to be backing off a bit over the summer from my fast and furious blogging routine. It's time to take some time to enjoy a slower pace and relax and work on updated my on-line shop. If you subscribe to the mailing list you'll be the first to know when that goes live!