French Farmhouse Decorating For A Relaxed Retreat

This week is going by quickly and I've been focusing on wrapping up some details for the beach place, although we won't be headed up there this coming weekend in order to get caught up on things at home. My husband is working with his cabinet designer here in town to turn the pantry closet into a combination coffee bar, microwave and food storage center...which I think I mentioned to you before.


Our inspiration...

Doing remodeling long distance isn't the easiest thing, but so far there haven't been too many mishaps...thankfully.
We really want to get most of our work finished before the holiday season starts to creep up and I'm pretty sure that is going to happen quickly! Next up is the breakfast room that is right off the kitchen, and a powder room update as well. I can't wait to share the finished projects with you!


A couple of scans from an old magazine shoot that I did for an international publication, showing how the kitchen and breakfast room looked years ago. Throwback!

I've been doing A LOT of pinning, Googling and shopping because I'm not one to just spend without assessing and thinking of where my hard earned dollars are being spent. There is a vision and I don't work often with "vision boards", since I've been designing and decorating homes well before there was an internet and sketching things out sometimes just on paper. I hope to change out the chandelier in the breakfast room with this one that we already have.


It's an antique French tole chandelier that I purchased many years ago and it really isn't used much in the corner of our Miami home master bedroom so we shall see how that switcharoo plays out. The chairs will likely stay and I know that I'm going to need some more dish storage. You know....collector and dish hoarder RIGHT HERE and there is room for a small cabinet. I'm taking it slowly and will wait until the right one comes along at the right price. Does any of this make sense to you?

Yesterday I bought this ROUND DINING TRESTLE TABLE and I've been searching for awhile! As I TALKED ABOUT HERE, scale is important and this table should be just right in the breakfast space. It's a spot where I sit often and drink my morning coffee because it's quiet and shady so that I can think and wake up at my own pace. No one else seems to ever sit here, so it's my very own RELAXED RETREAT!

The joys of shopping on-line have been great for saving time and money and today I'm sharing my leg work with a few affiliate links. If you don't know what affiliates are, we bloggers make a very small commission on anything that you purchase through them (sometimes only pennies), but it helps keep our blogs going and the coffee pot brewing. The GLASS DOOR CABINET above is a possibility as is the OPEN SHELVING CABINET below. What are your thoughts?

I'm not sure of open shelving because it means more cleaning and I want to relax outside with a good book at the beach instead. I'm thinking option number one.
And while I was shopping I found THESE DISHES so I added them to my cart very innocently. That's why I need more dish storage I suppose, but they are so gorgeous and FRENCH COUNTRY and we all need more of that in our lives!

I've rounded up TWELVE on this Tuesday (even though you'll likely be reading this post on Weds) and I hope that this has helped if you're shopping in your jammies!