How To Add Sophistication To A White Bedroom

Your haven and sanctuary and the place where you go not only to sleep, but to grab some peace and quiet and escape from a hectic day. A white bedroom is just so peaceful and versatile in terms of adding accents to that white base. 

There are a few things that I think keep any white room from looking too sterile though, so here are today's thoughts and tips.

If you are looking for sophistication in terms of paint color, my very favorite and what we have on all of our walls is Benjamin Moore White Dove (OC-17). It's a soft white that is toned down by a very small amount of grey.

White isn't just a lack of color and isn't boring and if you add some interesting elements in terms of texture and tone it can be luxurious at the day is long. Obviously every accent color mixes well with white and it can be pale as my faded antiques or bold and beautiful depending on your taste.

In the Scandinavian countries an all white interior is the norm and always has been, due to the lack of daylight for a good part of the year. White reflects light beautifully and it's easy to add a little bit of elegance, glamour and sophistication with white.

A recently purchased pillow with pastel peonies adds that pop of summer pink to the bed.

Delicate and fading pink peonies on the nightstand and if I chose to add another color on this day it would be so simple to do with a flower arrangement in another shade.

I received this elegant French style bench from a sponsor several months ago and it's been making the rounds around the house. It works well at the end of the bed for an extra blanket and a couple of additional pillows, but I'm not sure if I want to keep it there or move to another room. That's another great aspect of decorating with neutrals, shop your own home when a change is needed and move pieces around. I'm thinking of painting this...I can't seem to stop myself when it comes to painting furniture!

What are your thoughts, leave it or paint it?

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xo ~ Janet