How To Create A Tropical Garden Look Anywhere

I've been posting a lot of outdoor settings in our yard and gardens lately and I hope that you've been enjoying them and finding inspiration for your garden. Since I live in a very tropical climate, my garden is quite green and lush year round.

pink ginger flowers in a pot

I love how I can go out and clip something from my garden year round like these Pink Ginger flowers. You can often find these in the floral department of some grocery stores and not just down here in Miami. Roses...ours are so different and nothing like yours.

tropical garden roses

We planted these Panama Rose plants close to the pool and they've been there for years now. Maybe a mistake, because they constantly have to be pruned back but right now they are attracting bees and butterflies so we will wait until late summer. These plants are very similar to Penta and you'll find that those grow well in most summer climate zones.

growing orchids

You may not be able to grow orchids where you live, but during summer they definitely do well in shaded areas outdoors. We buy our orchids at the home improvement store and when they finishing flowering we put them outside and wait for a re-bloom. Don't throw yours out because they will re-bloom!

tropical miami garden ferns

Ferns...and boy do we have them! We use them as ground cover and don't give them any special attention other than a thinning out every now and then. Once again, if you don't feel that ferns will do well in your garden purchase potted ferns and do several grouped together for a tropical look.

succulents potted

Succulents are tropical and trending right now amongst the fact most of our potted succulents were grown by our daughter. Great for a summer tropical porch in pots and I love to bring them inside to display (shopping my porch:-). 

bromeliads in a pot

A couple of other easy to keep summer favorites are bromeliads and aloe plants. They grow like wild here and need very little summer care in pots. For your bromeliads, just add some water to the center opening and the plant will suck it up.

self watering blue globe

We have several of these self watering globes (affiliate) in various potted plants and if you travel (as we do) they will keep your plants from getting thirsty.

feet in the grass with flowers

Sweetness of coming out in the morning after a nighttime storm and wiggling your toes in scented plumeria blossoms. 

large pink plumeria tree

 This pink plumeria is the oldest tree in our garden and I'm estimated it to be around 30 or so years old. Plumeria can do well in a pot, but be sure to keep it well drained and in a sunny spot.

coconut palms swaying

The most abundant tropical trees in our gardens around the house are palm trees and they definitely signify the essence of tropical living. These coconut trees give us more fruit than we could ever use up in a lifetime! As a houseplant they would require lots of care, so it's really not recommended for most of the many species. The good news is that there are some beautiful faux palm trees for your home and I love this one (affiliate) in particular that is realistic.

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