Why Patriotic Decor Doesn't Have To Be Bold

Dislike bold color? Pastels can be a bit of a gutsy move when it comes to decorating for a patriotic holiday, but I feel that subtle statements are always best.

I'm a flag waving patriot as much as the next guy and with both Memorial Day and the 4th Of July coming up I will be hanging that American flag proudly on our front porch. When it comes to the inside of my home, I prefer pastels and I wanted to share what I've put together to inspire you.

Why Patriotic Decor Doesn't Have To Be Bold

My version of red, white and blue is softer and I'm good with that. I've opted for blush or peach...which is red in the color wheel spectrum with lots of white mixed in to tone it down. Some more of the stunning David Austin roses that I've been sharing with you are in a vintage French pickle jar that just happens to be aqua.

Aqua is a pastel version of the mix of blue, green and white when you are painting and I've taken my blue cue from that. On my bottle drying rack I have a collection of vintage and authentic French yogurt jars on display. I sometimes keep this tucked away in a cupboard in the laundry room and bring out the jars to use as juice glasses. I love it when I can think of new ways to utilize old objects and repurpose them!

Soft pastel romantic color that lets the light shine through, even on this dark photographic day.

A chair switcheroo as I shopped my own home for white chairs to put at the dining table and they'll stay there for at least a couple of weeks. So that is the white...and now we have a defiant mix of "red, white and blue" that fits into my world well.

I brought out my collection of about 10 of these vintage European syphons last week and how I keep my decorating fresh is to do a seasonal switch. These have been stored in those laundry room cabinets I talked about and it's like Christmas when I get in there and grab things I haven't seen in awhile to style!

The indigo cloth that I shared in THIS POST is draped across this vintage wood ladder for some delightful blue. I tried laying it across the table but it was a little small and didn't look so great. Rule of thumb? No rules.... just try things out until you feel that it looks right and you love it!

Red transferware that has faded to almost a pink over time. This platter is about 100 years old and has seen much use. The aqua goblets are from AMARA that I have been partnering with and talked about more in THIS POST. They are irresistible and acrylic...really handy for entertaining.

I'll be up at our beach home for the weekend and have some projects there that I'm going to be working on and can't wait to share with you! Cheers to summer my friends...