Rooms You Don't Like To See And Why

Living in reality there are those rooms that we don't like to see sometimes when they are our own. I know...I have them, and in a Pinterest perfect world it might make you feel a little bit house poor.

bathroom with granite counters

The Girl's Bathroom

I've shared our master bathroom at the Miami house before and it definitely IS outdated and in need of a more modern update. I haven't ever shared the other bathrooms before because truth be told they could use a little bit of work.

cabana style bath

They aren't awful though, because I feel that we were smart enough when we remodeled them all about 15 years ago not to follow trends. One thing that having a family construction business has taught us is to not personalize permanently to such a great degree that it's outrageous and will turn off possible buyers down the line.

classic style bathroom

Not that you shouldn't SHOULD make a bathroom your own, but maybe veer away from some of the outlandish or outrageous decor that you see out there by designers and of vintage years.

retro aqua bathroom
Via: RetroRenovation (Whoa...sunglasses needed!)

The top photos are of the kid's bathroom that here in Florida is called a Cabana Bath because it has a door to the pool. It really came in handy back when they were growing up, but the door doesn't get opened much anymore. One daughter is currently back home, so she has it styled as her own.

shiplap bathroom

Wright Design/ Inspiro 8 Studios Photography 

Personally I think that it looks lovely in most cases but have been around the decor block enough to see that trends come and go. It's having it's farmhouse day right now, you see it everywhere. I wish that I had photos of our pre-dslr bathrooms with mica counters and was lavender and one canary yellow by default of the builder I think...including the sink and toilet!

patterned tile bathroom backsplash

Patterned Tile?

I see this everywhere and fear the future for this look!

outdated bathroom

The Husband's Bathroom.

We went with neutrals and although the rooms would look a heck of a lot better if we painted the walls a pale grey, we just aren't home enough the last few years to tackle it. We will leave that to the next family living here...or they just may gut it all and make it their personal style.

office bathroom with granite

bathroom granite and shaker

My husband works out of the house and this is his office bathroom. Considering that (like the others) it's been 15 years now since looks fairly current. We used shaker doors, classic brushed chrome hardware, and granite counters. 

The Laundry Room/Powder Room

This room is a saving grace because when we remodeled it back then we had a jumbled mess of my former studio and had loads of cabinets built for storage. The washer and dryer is a full size stackable combo behind doors and there was already a toilet and sink, so we updated those with newer and kept the convenience of a toilet near the family room. A fresh coat of grey paint in ALL OF THESE BATHROOMS would bring it into a more updated status.

pedestal sink pool bathroom

It's all functional...but nothing fabulous and still fairly up to date.

I have an entire board of Bathroom Style that I've been pinning on Pinterest, so you just might be more inspired there for some new and fresh ideas. In the meantime...I say go classic and skip the trends, let me know your thoughts!