Dare To Be Different In Decorating - And Life

A sun washed view and progress being made with the beach home this weekend! You can see how the light pours in here first thing in the morning from the beach and the barstools look so good now that they've been painted white. Before and afters live in this post if you are curious. 


Some months back I had my heart set on some other barstools after seeing this style in cafes all over France for years and recently on several websites.

French style cafe wicker bistro chairs

They are stunning and would be just perfect for our beach retreat, but I do tend to be a DIY girl and there's that. The barstools above can be found HERE and honestly...they make a room sing! Just not my room and I swear by DARE TO BE DIFFERENT IN DECORATING and am seeing a lot of these chairs and stools now and decided to stick with what I have. I don't like to follow the crowd in anything and always go my own way in life, sticking with intuition and now many years behind me of this...and that. 

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you'll see more of this room and others because I seem to have the time to post there generally twice a day. Such a great community and I'm grateful for all of the friends that I've made there! And now it's time for HOME STYLE SATURDAYS with some friends.