How To Shop In Thrift Stores For A Beautiful Home

Don't let the thrift store term scare you, because I am here to tell you that spending your money wisely in decorating your home can have huge payoffs! I've always loved the thrill of the hunt in thrift stores, and in saving money by shopping for certain items I have more cash for other things. High end things! I've been shopping in thrift stores since college days.

thrift store shopping bottles and jars

How To Shop In Thrift Stores For A Beautiful Home

Free Summer Styling Guide And Home Style Saturdays

Happy Saturday and I hope that you've been enjoying the middle of summer! I have to tell you that it's been brutally hot in South Florida where I live and summer is definitely not my favorite season by a long shot. We are at the beach house to cool off this weekend and today I'm hanging with my hubby at a car event. Not my thing...but I know that we will have fun and I treasure our times to get out and about together.

coastal living summer mantel

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Coastal Decorating Ideas Affordable and Easy- In The Spotlight

Coastal Decorating Ideas Affordable and Easy- In The Spotlight

Some of my best advice that crosses the span of decorating, styling and pretty much life in general is to be fearless and make it easy. When it comes to decorating our homes, it's the accessories that we use that bring in our personal style. It's only stuff and if you don't like it...then change it!

Coastal living ideas 

These are always on my radar and they don't have to be overdone. Just go for it and I have something to show you how with a quick budget tip today!

In The Spotlight - Affordable and Fearless Coastal Decorating Ideas

Can I just tell you a little secret?

5 Amazing Instagram Accounts That Inspire - France

Hi friends...Saturday has gotten here quickly and I'm actually up in Atlanta at the moment at the Haven Conference. If you'd like to see more I'm sharing live video snippets on my Instagram Stories, so hope that you pop over there! Today it's time again for my Saturday series sharing some beauty from Instagram and my friends over at Home Style Saturdays, several of whom I'm hanging out with in person right now. Here we go...

5 Amazing Instagram Accounts That Inspire - France

Eiffel Tower Balloons

I'm not sure how I originally came across her feed, but we've been Instagram friends for a couple of years. An American photographer living in Paris and traveling Europe who captures Parisian life so well is Rebecca Plotnick.

How To Make A Unique Book Runner - And FREE Book!

Call me old fashioned, but I love a good book in hand, on the nightstand or sitting on my coffee table. I do have an iPad but I'm just not one who enjoys reading that way. Maybe it's because my very first job as a teen was at a library and it gave me that love of vintage pages of well worn reads and the musty aroma.


With a couple of weeks behind me at the beach I plowed through a couple of novels and am smack dab in the middle of another. Nothing on the educational side but books that I purchased where I do most of a thrift shop. They tend to smell like a heady mix of stuffy apartment combined with sea air and dusty attic. Maybe a candle scent should be concocted for those like me who appreciate that;-) Now I have a confession to make...

Affordable Compromise Kitchen On A Budget

Tada! I am happy to report that FINALLY we are finished with our kitchen remodel of the beach home kitchen and I'm giving us a woo hoo and some back pats! It's been difficult to do a basically DIY remodel long distance and not sure that I'd want to take that on again. We recently spent almost 2 weeks enjoying the place, being out on that beach and not working for a change (and didn't hate it;-).


It's nothing super fancy, but a huge improvement and looks so nice and fresh. When you do a remodel I feel like you need to do it for yourself and make yourself happy and not the internet. After all...YOU live there and not everyone else.

5 Amazing Instagram Accounts That Inspire - Farmhouse

I've been slacking off on my Instagram series but am back today with more and also sharing Home Style Saturdays. Always so much to see here and I'm deep in the throes of getting ready to do double duty this coming week as both a mentor and a teacher of photography! I'm looking forward to seeing some of my blogging friends in Atlanta and catching up...but without further ado let's get started on what I have for you today.

5 Amazing Instagram Accounts That Inspire - Farmhouse


A sweet Instagram friend who is an avid DIYer and a mom of 4 and a Cami's Tidbits and head on over to her feed to see more.

How To Build A Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave

With many of today's kitchens having an open concept, there can be several things that distract my eye from seeing total beauty. I'm just one of those people I supposed that notices every. single. thing. and my family does not. I'm the one picking up after everyone when the fam jam is around and when it's just my husband....ditto. Besides life's little messes are one thing and honestly I don't mind, but when it came to designing our beach home kitchen something major did bother me in the before.

How To Build A Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave

The "in your face" microwave and although I do use a microwave for mostly just heating up things, I have never wanted to see it when it could be hidden. You'll see it below...

How To Build A Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave

How To Give A Bedroom A Dose Of Sophistication

It all starts with the bed in a bedroom, which is probably an obvious point to make...but it's the largest item in most cases. We have been upscaling our beach home as I've been chatting about here for last few months and the master bedroom came into play after the kitchen. I'll be sharing the full reveal on the kitchen soon and can't wait to share my thoughts!


With this view I have always felt that I could do better and give the room the look I felt it deserved. Quiet and calm with a hefty dose of inspiration from my love of French antiques and coastal charm. Nothing too over the top fussy though and easy to keep clean, as I have allergies and we have dogs. Combine that with the fact that we don't live here all of the time (yet;-) so clutter is not a great thing because that means dust bunnies.

The Longest Vacation Ever and Home Style Saturdays

Happy Home Style Saturday! I've been hanging out at our beach home for over a week now and finally headed back home and back to serious work tomorrow. We have been coming to this area for many years now and have had this place for going into the 15th year, and this 10 day trip is the longest that we've spent here...ever. It's been speaking to us and my husband who has endless boundless energy has even had thoughts of slowing down his 30+ year career. We shall see how things play out and trusting in a plan...

shabbyfufublog beach house living room
Via iPhone

Yesterday I shared a post with some artwork and you'll find that linked below. Slowly and with the help of some generous brand partners we are making this home into our vision. I'm so excited to show you more soon!

How To Ace The Artwork To Update Your Home

I hope that you have been enjoying this holiday week so far friend! I've been enjoying relaxing for a change, which is really nice and not something normal for the deeply driven. It's great to be up at the beach home and just hang out enjoying some great east coast beach weather, good food, friends, the dogs and cocktails.

pair of cavalier king charles spaniels

 Please mom and dad...we never want to leave this place, so can we just stay at the beach?

How To Take Amazing Day And Night Photos In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, styling and photography does not come easy or overnight and if it's something that you are passionate about...takes a ton of practice. You know...just like when you were learning to play piano as a child, except perhaps more fun;-)

For the next week or so you may not hear much from me because I'm up at our beach home working and playing. The playing will be fun, and the working is fun for me too...because it's a passion! If you are a blogger and planning on coming to The Haven Conference I'll be teaching styling and photography and I'm working on putting together my course right now.