Coastal Decorating Ideas Affordable and Easy- In The Spotlight

Coastal Decorating Ideas Affordable and Easy- In The Spotlight

Some of my best advice that crosses the span of decorating, styling and pretty much life in general is to be fearless and make it easy. When it comes to decorating our homes, it's the accessories that we use that bring in our personal style. It's only stuff and if you don't like it...then change it!

Coastal living ideas 

These are always on my radar and they don't have to be overdone. Just go for it and I have something to show you how with a quick budget tip today!

In The Spotlight - Affordable and Fearless Coastal Decorating Ideas

Can I just tell you a little secret?

The secret is that it took me about 5-10 minutes to paint the jars that I shared on the Facebook Live post. That's it...just a few quick minutes and dried them in the sun for maybe another 10!

coastal living mantel

And here are the results with my flowers from the local florist Miami Flower Market who delivers to me (which is great!). A coastal look with some bottles that I painted and just a few flowers, some clippings from my garden and we are done.

coastal beach summer mantel

Here I have a variety of jars and trust me that NONE were expensive. On the right is a lemonade bottle from Ikea, smaller bottles are mostly jelly jars and the largest center vase was a clear glass vase that you can find almost anywhere.

aqua bottles painting diy

I filled the jars with a few coral garden roses, white stock, a small amount of eucalyptus and some garden clippings. These colors speak to me in coastal living ideas and soft tones of the sea and the beach. You can do this too...and although I'm showing them on my living room mantel just pick a shelf or a table and be fearless! Arrange and rearrange until you get a nice, soft coastal look.

coastal summer decorating shelf

I used 3 types of paints for these bottles and jars and you can find them at Amazon with my affiliate links.

My absolute favorite is the KRYLON SEA GLASS Spray Paint, and I also used the SEAGLASS in AQUA. Do you see how the jelly jar in the center up above sparkles just a subtle bit? I hit that with KRYLON GLITTER BLAST and using a light hand is key to just giving a golden glow.

coastal style mantel

With autumn decorating coming up very soon the GLITTER BLAST would give a different sort of coastal living idea to your decor if you used it on some glass bottles just on it's own. I'm really so happy that Krylon came out with glitter spray in various colors because it's so much easier to use than brushing on glue and then glitter dusting by hand. Less messy too.

jars with flowers summer

eucalyptus in jars coastal beach decorating

Be fearless and do an OMBRE effect by spraying one color on the bottom and then one on the top. I dusted that lemonade bottle with the Glitter Blast slightly when the other paint was dry. The tall cylinder has a different look with the paint only on the bottom portion. Play and have fun and see what you come up with! Here is a pretty good tutorial for glass painting.

french books and a seashell coastal french

A couple of extras here for some coastal living ideas today, with a stack of old French books in colors of the sea and a large conch sea shell that blushes in pink.

vintage paint by number flamingos

And being from Miami I'm slightly obsessed with PINK FLAMINGOS that are sooo Miami Beach retro in this vintage paint by number treasure that I have.

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