How To Build A Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave

With many of today's kitchens having an open concept, there can be several things that distract my eye from seeing total beauty. I'm just one of those people I supposed that notices every. single. thing. and my family does not. I'm the one picking up after everyone when the fam jam is around and when it's just my husband....ditto. Besides life's little messes are one thing and honestly I don't mind, but when it came to designing our beach home kitchen something major did bother me in the before.

How To Build A Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave

The "in your face" microwave and although I do use a microwave for mostly just heating up things, I have never wanted to see it when it could be hidden. You'll see it below...

How To Build A Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave

The before....and it's not ugly, but outdated and I can't wait to show you the full reveal...done ON A BUDGET! The appliances worked fine, but for 15 years they served us well and we donated to Habitat For Humanity for resale.
beach house dated kitchen before
The coffee maker, toaster and everything else had to either go or be hidden and my husband was in full agreement. We kept the cabinets to save money, but ripped out the one over the microwave and tossed. Only the other cabinets remain the same and the pantry got an extreme makeover and became our fabulous built in coffee bar - microwave station. Can I just say...YAY and tell you how much we LOVE it!

How To Build A Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave -

Today I'm sharing the process and the free plans...which you can take to use to build your very own with if you'd like.

How To Build A Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave

We started with an idea and determined the size of the appliances that would go inside and what we would be using this station for. Next we drew up a concept by hand. My husband is old school and has been hand drawing since he studied engineering and drafting in college as a construction management major. We sent the concept drawings to our cabinet maker who used a CAD program to create the coffee bar/microwave station using the dimensions that we provided. We approved the CAD drawings after making minor changes and then it went into shop production.

How To Build A Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave

The shop fabricated two side panels which went the full depth of the pantry. The unit has four slide out shelves with lips and two fixed shelves above the pull outs. One of the slide outs has a 2" lip all the way around for the coffee bar and the other three pull outs have a 4" lip all the way around.

Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave plans

Prior to installation, my husband determined where to place the electrical boxes on the back wall for the microwave and coffee pot and installed two duplex outlets. Full two part extension glides were then attached to the pull out boxes and then the second pieces were screwed into the side panels inside the cabinet.

how to hide a microwave

slide out coffee bar shelves
Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave cabinet

We removed an existing bifold louvered door that was original to the pantry and replaced with a pair of two panel doors on pivots. The doors came primed from our local home improvement store and we painted them to coordinate with the kitchen cabinets. We thought about having the doors retract into the cabinet when open, but we determined that we would lose too much usable space and decided against that. We still need handles, but have been going around and around with different tastes on what we want.

free plans How To Build A Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave -

Thank you to our cabinet makers in Miami SPACE PROS for working with us and allowing us to share the renderings with our readers!
How To Build A Hidden Coffee Station and Microwave -
Compromise is going to have to happen soon, because handles and knobs are the last remaining detail to finishing this kitchen! I'll be sharing the full reveal soon...with new knobs or without!

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