How To Take Amazing Day And Night Photos In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, styling and photography does not come easy or overnight and if it's something that you are passionate about...takes a ton of practice. You know...just like when you were learning to play piano as a child, except perhaps more fun;-)

For the next week or so you may not hear much from me because I'm up at our beach home working and playing. The playing will be fun, and the working is fun for me too...because it's a passion! If you are a blogger and planning on coming to The Haven Conference I'll be teaching styling and photography and I'm working on putting together my course right now.

Last year I taught this class as well (read about it HERE...cheat sheets free for the taking), and this year I'll be changing it up and going solo. I hope to see you there and may possibly be offering a class or two here in Florida in the future or on-line. If you think you might be interested...please let me know!'s time for Home Style Saturdays with my friends and we have a new member that we are thrilled to include! Head on over to see what everyone has to show you and welcome in to Ann Drake of the blog On Sutton Place.