The Longest Vacation Ever and Home Style Saturdays

Happy Home Style Saturday! I've been hanging out at our beach home for over a week now and finally headed back home and back to serious work tomorrow. We have been coming to this area for many years now and have had this place for going into the 15th year, and this 10 day trip is the longest that we've spent here...ever. It's been speaking to us and my husband who has endless boundless energy has even had thoughts of slowing down his 30+ year career. We shall see how things play out and trusting in a plan...

shabbyfufublog beach house living room
Via iPhone

Yesterday I shared a post with some artwork and you'll find that linked below. Slowly and with the help of some generous brand partners we are making this home into our vision. I'm so excited to show you more soon!
Now it's time to see what my dear friends have been up to this week, and I'll have a link at the bottom of this post to subscribe to my blog if you are new here. Hugs!

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