How To Prepare For Fall Decorating NOW

Hi friends! The dog days of summer are here and as luck would have it, one of our air conditioning units that cools the master bedroom wing addition went out yesterday. Thankfully with my husband being a GC he has his subcontractor out here today who is repairing it as we speak. But...fall is on my mind and I feel like singing a happy song! A song about pumpkins and cider and crisp leaves on the ground. Let's get ready for some fall decorating and those cozy feelings that follow suit.

transitional fall decor tablescape

How To Prepare For Fall Decorating NOW

Not just color and flowers, but some good practical advice that I think you'll be able to use these next few weeks in your transition.
Here are some things that you can start doing RIGHT NOW if you enjoy seasonal decorating, as I do to prepare for fall decorating: 

fall mantel with hydrangeas

Do you have an abundance of summer blooms in your garden that you hate to say bye bye to? Gather them up and dry them for your fall arrangements and crafts! I'm seeing an abundance of hydrangeas in so many of my on-line friend's gardens. Ok...slightly jealous about that because hydrangeas don't grow this far south, but I have dried the grocery store bouquets and they generally do well. Honestly I don't do anything special to dry my flowers, other than take them out of the direct sunlight. If you aren't up to the task, you can find DRIED HYDRANGEAS on-line. I also use the dried flowers in creating FALL WREATHS that look so beautiful in autumn design. 

dried peonies wreath

In my LAST POST I gave some tips for decluttering and storing what you have.  I take a good hard look at my rooms and think about what looks super summery and then little by little start storing those items away. What would you think about putting away? I gather up the seashells and obvious coastal decor, since I don't want a bunch of clutter and prefer a nice clean palette to start my autumn vignettes. They are a great memory of days on the beach combing for shells and ocean swims, but the memories in my mind will remain until next summer ;-) Also any pillows that might have a summer appeal are stored in a box behind the screen in my HOME OFFICE until next year. 

seashell garland on a mirror

Do your linens need refreshing? Fall and winter are not that far off and I've been going through my linens to see what will stay and what I will donate. Some of previous year's heavier bed linens are in rough shape and I just may get some projects going in cutting them up to repurpose. Although I use white bed sheets and pillowcases year round for that hotel linen feel, blankets are something that can be inexpensive to replace for autumn if necessary. The same goes for the towels in our home, but in the guest powder room I look for something cute and fun to put at the pedestal sink. A couple of new fall towels cost next to nothing to change a look with a fall scented candle and a new flower arrangement.

gray ruffled bedding

We don't live in an area with much leaf drop come autumn, but when summer ends we give our yard and garden a good clean up. Trees are trimmed back that won't flower until next year and mulch is laid down in the beds. We also clean the patio area with a sprayer filled with a solution of hot water and bleach to get off any summer mildew. Inside I do a deep cleaning and that includes the windows that have seen lots of summer rains and the area rugs that might have tracked in dirt patches. When things are fresh and clean I can really concentrate on starting to decorate and design!

fall garden decorating twinkle lights

What are your favorite fall colors? If you need some inspiration I have plenty of PAST POSTS to check out and pin to your Pinterest boards! I've already planned my seasonal color for this fall and have started doing a little crafting that I'll be sharing soon and have some other exciting things coming your way. 

plum colors fall

Remember that you have all month to enter for a chance to win one of my ruffled throws by leaving a comment on this (or any) post. The French Vanilla or Grey are great choices for fall!
shabbyfufu ruffled throws
See you tomorrow for HOME STYLE SATURDAYS