How I Really Live This Way And You Can Too

I really live this way...and let me tell you that you can too! Because I've been a creative homemaker for over 30 years now and on my own for longer than that, I've learned to do what I've had to and where I am today is a result. Hard work, careful planning and not overspending and learning to DIY a whole bunch! I love teaching and sharing with you guys and will continue to bring more tips to the blog on how you can accomplish your best home and lifestyle. How you can live an elegant life without much fuss or expense as the title of my life and my blog are all about.


How I Really Live This Way And You Can Too

Some exciting things are set to happen here this week that I'll fill you in on when I can, but for now I'll tell you that it's going to be set mostly outside. This is a fancy table setting for sure, but it doesn't have to be to celebrate and enjoy life's little moments. One more thing to show you...


I did a Facebook live yesterday while I was out thrift shopping. Yes, I thrift shop and practice what I preach! The vintage oushak rug above was my great find and will be one of the pieces to bring fall color into my home soon. Can't wait to put everything into place and hopefully inspire you. Speaking we are with Home Style Saturdays with the best blogging buddies that I know: