5 Easy Ways To Hide Clutter In Your Home

Clutter and how to hide it is an issue that most of us deal with in our homes. There is just something about the stuff in life that we sometimes need and just sometimes plain old want! I talked in my last post about budget thrift store shopping and several of you said that you have to hold back from buying more. With a lot of years as a homemaker I think that I've mastered the fine art of hiding clutter in my home with style in hidden storage and open storage.

5 Easy Ways To Hide Clutter In Your Home

french china cabinet with chicken wire

First and foremost I have a strict family rule that when something new comes into the house, something else needs to go out. I'm not just talking about collectibles, but clothing and shoes, pillows and linens and useless piles of magazines. A general "in with the new then out with the old" rule exists in our lack of closet, built in 1962 home.

That being said, there are things to be stored or hidden away and although I am far from the most organized person on the planet...I STRONGLY DISLIKE CLUTTER.

hidden storage vintage cabinet

When I was dating my husband I had to bite my tongue whenever I walked into his apartment and saw his dining table piled a mile high with papers. Homes are meant to be lived in and not look like magazine features, but you can achieve easy results of neatness with a little forethought.

I've found some easy ways to hide messes, necessities and seasonal stuff and here are my stress free clutter busting everyday storage tips:

vintage green beadboard cabinet

We all have cabinets built into our kitchens and bathrooms, but somehow there never seems to be enough. Consider looking for free standing cabinets of the vintage genre and not only add storage, but character to your room as well.


Probably my own favorite storage solutions is to toss things into a large bin or basket to hide the clutter. From a collection of pillows and throws to magazines and books, baskets and bins are perfect for hiding clutter and looking chic while doing so. Think outside the box (bin;-) and utilize decorative objects for storage. I have 20 great ideas for HIDDEN STORAGE that you can DIY!

Any object like an ottoman that has built in storage is a win/win in my book! Not only great as extra seating, but what you can hide inside never to be seen by the naked eye of anyone unless you choose to. Recently I picked up a very inexpensive ottoman type of storage basket and it's one of the handiest things around and so lightweight!


I don't have any photos because it's been probably 20 years back, but in our laundry room before it was remodeled I sewed drapes from some pretty floral Laura Ashley fabric to cover the washer and dryer. It was so lovely and I'd probably still have it up if our needs hadn't changed. Think about sewing a pair of drapes or a simple gathered skirt on a tension rod to cover up anything that you don't want out and seen daily.


As in...under the bed or a stairwell, or under a buffet. We have stored the craziest things under our bed that is covered by a bedskirt. I'm thinking that the TotalGym underneath right now is as useless as the treadmill that's currently used as a clothing rack!

vintage storage container

hidden storage vintage picnic baskets

hidden storage hamper box

vintage glass storage cabinet

Less to dust, more to love and there is always room for a few additional pieces to love if you keep the clutter tucked away.

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