How To Anchor Your Room From The Ground Up

When I was doing the styling for the Home Depot photo shoot in our gardens on Friday I had the chance to do several things that I love. It was an exciting job opportunity for me and to work with a team of photographers was just incredibly rewarding and a learning opportunity to hone my own craft further. The fact that I got to do the styling was an honor and it really does start from the ground up. In this case it was patio ground and pea gravel ground.

outdoor patio entertaining table centerpiece

I can't share the results just yet, but I especially love how the pea gravel shoot turned out and I'll have another session out there with the Home Depot on my own next year.

How To Anchor Your Room From The Ground Up

So let's talk about the ground...and setting your anchors...
Indoors we all have flooring to start with, as opposed to grass or a patio material outside. Many homeowners as well as apartment dwellers have hardword flooring or tile, with carpet losing ground (no pun intended ;-) as a choice in modern times. What is the majority of the flooring in your home covered with?

kitchen design tile flooring

In our home the floor is mostly porcelain tile that is made to resemble stone. It's practical for our South Florida lifestyle and our house with 3 dogs and a pool right outside the door. The bedrooms have wood flooring but it's just not the most friendly floor with the humidity that we have year round. 
My husband is in construction and is the practical sort and since his company specializes in remodeling, they see their share of pipes gone back and water damage in kitchens with tile it is for us. With an open concept home, I prefer the look to flow seamlessly rather than breaking up the floors unnaturally with tile here and wood there...unless there is a doorway between. It's something to think about, since rooms really are decorated from the ground up and this will give better flow and a larger look to your home.

beach house white kitchen shabbyfufu

Tile at our beach home as well, for practical purposes and even for the looks with this oversized tile that we chose to look like sand.

I start a room design though by layering though from the ground up and softening the space when possible with an area rug. Or two. Layered.

blue summer living room design french country
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Back at home in Miami, this is how our living room looked for the summer. I have moved some things around, but the rug has remained and given that chic and elegant summer flare with the distressed blue pattern. THIS RUG is on sale right now I noticed and the price is pretty amazing. It's almost sold if you are indeed interested I wouldn't wait too long.

blue distressed rug

I have layered this rug with a white faux sheepskin for part of the summer, and layering rugs on top of a tile floor really softens up the look. To add texture to a room consider layering by using a seagrass (I prefer faux...less smelly) with a patterned rug, faux sheepskin or faux animal hide on top. Once you have that base it really adds to the look of your furniture and then you can start placing and moving chairs around and your smaller pieces. 

blue and white french country living room

Fall changes are coming slowly to our home and I did indeed start from the ground up with a new rug that I'm in love with! I'll be sharing more of that with you soon....and talking fall with tips for your home. I am also doing some rebranding and will have a new look to the blog that I hope you find easier to navigate! 

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