Late Summer Nights Are Just Right - Take Time Out

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Late summer nights are for relaxing and dreaming and the light is just right until night falls and the sun sinks deeply into the sky. It's the switchover before the evenings start to get just a little bit of chill in the air and the months start to fly by towards year's end.

fall flowers outdoor entertaining

You've probably seen our pea gravel patio here before, and this is exactly where we like to be on those nights enjoying sitting under the trees.

Most of these evenings are with some tasty drinks, some snacks and lots of stories. On the weekends sometimes friends will pop over and the laughter is just so much better outdoors!

fall patio entertaining

Longer nights in late summer and wine-o-clock starts early and lasts well into the night with twinkle lights aglow. 

Man grilling shabbyfufublog

We often start out with my husband as grillmaster cooking away and these days it's like to be chicken and skewered vegetables.  Late summer is still pretty hot here (actually...when is it NOT;-), so a dip in the pool is something that we do most weekends. Catching the last few summer sunsets and then heading on down to the back of our property to relax. Sometimes you really don't want to let summer end.

chardonnay and cabernet sauvignon bottles

We really don't need an excuse to entertain, but when we do we love to include a few bottles of something tasty to relax with. I've enjoyed tastings from JaM Cellars before, and the Cabernet and Butter Chardonnay are the perfect sips for the end of summer and start of fall activities. Bring on some Butter Chardonnay for me and I'm a happy camper with it's buttery California Chardonnay taste! My husband prefers the JaM Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon that he will tell you is easy to love with it's big fruity cab taste. Made in the tradition of great California winemaking—rich, bold and luscious.

JaM cellars napa valley winery

These California creations from JaMCellars are tasty and we enjoy them and you can check out reviews for Butter Chardonnay on for inspiration. They've won some prestigious awards, which is always a good way to select sips from makers who care and strive for the best taste.

Awards: Gold medal, SF Chronicle Wine Competition Jan. 2017 and named “Impact Hot Brand” for 2016. 
Awards: Gold medal, Texsom Int’l Wine Awards, March 2017; Featured on the Today Show, “Wines under $20 to go with your Easter feast”

woman pouring wine

Fall is coming, school has started here this week and there is a buzz in the air! I am so looking forward to this new season and am anxious to spend more time outside under the trees and taking time out to just enjoy life.

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