Portfolio Of Pretty - Simple Wreaths To Make For Fall

I've been saving the summer flowers and getting ready to make my own fall wreaths. I love pretty things, but nothing overboard and these days keep it pretty and simple. It's so satisfying to create your own wreaths and centerpieces for every season because you can do it to suit your style from French farmhouse to cottage style, traditional and all white.

Portfolio Of Pretty - Simple Wreaths To Make For Fall

dried flower shabby chic romantic wreath

I like to think outside the box and not just make wreaths for a front door, but those are great to do as well. My simple wreath made for fall shown here is made to hang inside only, and here's how...
As I mentioned I save my summer flowers once they start looking a bit to tattered to display. Then I dry them and my method is easy as can be.

dried roses and hydrangeas wreath
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You can dry flowers in SILICA GEL or try drying them without and see if that works for you. Just be sure to snip the stems off fairly close to the head of the flower. Then I place the flower heads in a a basket or crate to dry and just pile them on top of each-other loosely. Allow enough breathing space so that the flowers don't get crushed and that's pretty much it.

drying flowers in a blue berry crate

All types of flowers dry well, but it can be hit or miss at times on how well they keep their color. I've had the hardest time drying hydrangeas, but you may have better luck. Roses and peonies make for some beautiful dried flowers but since I was drying these flowers for a wreath I did include hydrangeas that faded to white. For crafting a dried flower wreath, when working with roses save any of the petals that come off to use for fill the wreath in.

crafting a flower wreath

When you feel that you have a good supply of dried flowers you're ready to begin! You'll need a STYROFOAM WREATH FORM and a hot glue gun. Just start creating and gluing on your flowers to the form, creating flow to the color. To hang, hot glue some ribbon on the top of the back and in mine I took some leftover fabric, ripped it into strips and hot glued to the side to be different. Because you know that I like to be just that ;-)

  • Keep your flowers in a cool, dark place like a closet when drying. 
  • Select a rounded styrofoam wreath form because they are stronger and less likely to break.
  • Once finished, use hairspray to protect and help to keep the dust off. Dried flowers do tend to collect some dust but if you use hairspray you can gently blow it off (carefully).
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