3 Things To Make Your Life Easier Right Now

Life is busy and summer is flying by and as a somewhat control freak in my younger years I've learned to relax more and be in the moment. Letting a few things go that in the grand scheme can be given to someone else to do and give me more time to do what I enjoy doing.

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I'm sharing what I found that makes my life easier and hoping that you think about what you can do to let things go for yourself to gain more time to fill your soul. Read on...and by the way, do you find the new look of my blog easier to navigate? I'd truly love to hear your thoughts and always read your comments!

3 Things To Make Your Life Easier Right Now

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Hello...where have you been all of my life grocery delivery?!! I could kiss the friend who told me that our local mega chain in Florida called Publix started back with grocery delivery about a year ago. They had delivery service several years ago and it flopped shortly after I started using the service with a poor business model and not outsourcing. It was great though, because you could go to Publix's website and order your food on-line and have it delivered by the little green trucks. Enter the age of the smartphone and the proliferation of apps and now we have SHIPT which is outsourced and shopped by individuals in your local area. SHIPT is growing and available in more and more areas and there are other similar services as well. This is NOT a paid post, I just wanted to let you know how much time grocery delivery saves me and possibly could for you too!


You probably don't need me to extol the virtues of AMAZON to you, but I think that Jeff Bezos is a genius and so does my husband who owns some stock ;-) A local boy, Jeff actually went to the high school right up the street from where we live! Seriously though I am busy trying to run my business and it's much more than a 40 hour a week job, so Amazon is my go to for everything from dog supplies to health and beauty items to kitchen items and more. My affiliate link...and if you are shopping  AMAZON  today I might make a few pennies if you go through it. Thank you for that ;-)

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I have a housekeeper and I hesitate to call her a "cleaning lady" because she is so much more. Since I have worked at home since the birth of my first child I have always used some of the proceeds of my job to pay to have someone clean my house. Over the years I've had those large cleaning services that advertise on tv to a chain of various ladies that were recommended by friends. I do realize that it's not in everyone's budget, but even having someone once a month or a service come in...really takes the pressure off and will make your life easier! Honestly I would give up going out to dinner or heading to the hair salon if that were the case to have someone come in and clean. Just recently I cut back to once every other week instead of weekly, and that seems to be working fine for us. I've had the same housekeeper now for about 12 years and she is golden.

Thoughts? Do you or will you think about any of these tips? Now it's time for Home Style Saturdays with friends!