TOP 8 Romantic Chic Seating Selections That You'll Love

Some ladies collect diamonds and jewels and others collect home trinkets and accessories. I may be the odd man (woman:-) out, but I LOVE to collect furniture...especially seating! Of all kinds.


I have a few favorite chairs and my color palette is pale, so the faded dusty blue velvet button tufted chair is one that I'd have a hard time parting with.

How To Create A Table That Will Make You Love Fall Entertaining

Do you love to entertain but hate to set a table? Well I love both aspects of entertaining and have many, many reasons to LOVE FALL! From the slightly cooler nights (just SLIGHTLY here in FL) to the tastes of crisp fresh apples in the market to the various gourds and pumpkins for display. It won't truly be fall here for another month at the earliest, but that gives me time to play with vignettes before the madness of the holiday season kicks butt. So on this home tour that I've been invited to join by my talented and gracious friend Sheila of Maison de Cinq, I won't be doing a full tour (thanks to Hurricane Irma) but invite you to a table discussion. Let's get started!

How To Create A Table That Will Make You Love Fall Entertaining

david austin juliet peach roses centerpiece

Can You Be In Love With A Piece Of Furniture

That moment in time when you have been searching for an item FOREVER it seems and you find just the right thing. It's joyous and although I don't get too worked up about the stuff, I am thrilled with this shelf for a number of reasons and did a little styling on it for fall today.


I love this look of driftwood...and I go a little wild for whitewashed finished or limewaxing on furniture. And it coordinates with so much around here. But that's not the main reason I'm in love with a shelf...

Softer Side Of Decorating - Farmhouse Fall - $1500 Giveaway

Hi friends...happy weekend! Today I thought that I would just do a quick review of a couple of the posts that I've done recently in terms of fall decorating. Since I have been on hurricane hiatus for the last couple of weeks and have been away from home. I'm heading back at the end of the weekend and am grateful that the damage was confined to the outdoors. So here is some of what I shared and you can click on each title to see the post...


5 Examples Of Vintage Decorating That Will Inspire You

I am not a trained interior designer by trade, but with my background and training in art I feel that it gives me the eye and an edge to see interior flow. I look at a room like a painting, and every good painting should have something that draws your eye in, like a focal point. 


A room should have natural movement so that when you enter you are drawn perhaps to that one piece and then scan around to the others. 

Foraging Is What Happens When - Fall Home Tour

Life happens and you just have to forge ahead and sometimes forage when you least expect it. Sometimes my Girl Scout leader training comes in handy and I've always tried to think outside of the box in terms of here we are in today's home tour combining those mindsets. Welcome in to my version of a Foraged French Farmhouse Fall Home Tour at the beach house, a mouthful but very easy to put together.

Foraged French Farmhouse Fall Home Tour

beach house with white pottery barn slipcovered sofa

Thank you to my friend Deb of Seeking Lavender Lane for putting this tour together and inviting me to participate. If you are coming over from Sincerely Sara D, welcome in. As you know, I don't live in a farmhouse...and this is definitely not anyone's definition of one! I do love the authentic French farmhouse style though and incorporate that into my designs. I'm still at our beach home and so very grateful to have made the right decision to head up here before Hurricane Irma. 

Autumn Touches That Will Make You Crave Simple

Trying to make some lemonade over here at our beach home where life is back to normal after the scary and disruptive Hurricane Irma last week. Not a bad place to hang out for sure, but if you've never experienced hurricane force winds through the night and you are on the ocean...all I can say is wow! As I write this post there is STILL no power in our Miami home and we don't yet if there is damage inside. A waiting game to head down there, and although I know from neighbors the outside property took a major blow....we sit. We wait. Until power is restored.

All of this has made us think priorities and simplification of our lives...


I don't often work when I'm here, but this past week I have and I'm sharing the most subtle of autumn touches as we transition slowly out of hot, hot, hot in Florida to a double shot of hot ;-) 

Autumn Touches That Will Make You Crave Simple

I had a little bit of fun the other day over on my INSTAGRAM feed and asked..."what do you call this style?"

How To Decorate For Fall Without Pumpkins

It's been a week since I blogged, but more importantly...a week since that awful dread of Hurricane Irma came our way. I am happy to report that we are fine and have been working and enjoying the comfort of electricity at our beach home that was spared a direct hit. Our home in Miami (3 hrs away) is STILL without power, but it should be back soon and from all accounts our home was spared there too. Sigh of relief...and will see what the inside looks like once the shutters come down and if any mold has managed to sneak in. But let's talk pumpkins on this Saturday...or in this case, lack of.

white and blue hydrangea arrangement in copper

Weeks before the storm threats I was invited to join in on some Fall Home Tours with blogging friends and have two full posts coming this week. Honestly I was not prepared to be here at the beach where my decor is clean and sparse. So I took it on as a delightful challenge and one to take my mind off what has been occurring in my home state of Florida. Pumpkins be gone...or just very lightly used for autumn.

Fall Decorating - Organizing Tea - And Hurricanes

I decided that I'd take my mind off of what's been on my mind for the last week and join my friends for Home Style Saturdays. As I am writing this on Friday evening, I'm thinking about what's to come with Hurricane Irma. I shot this image a few days ago here at our beach home, during a week that was supposed to be our vacation.


A vacation cut short and we feel totally prepared and yet at the same time completely unprepared for Hurricane Irma. I've been through hurricanes before as a Floridian and THIS ONE was your worst nightmare come true.

How To Decorate A Fall Mantel That Will Get Noticed

I take decorating a mantel very seriously. Okay, not should be playful and fun! I've had quite a few lovely readers over the years tell me that their biggest dilemma is knowing how to start.  

How To Decorate A Fall Mantel That Will Get Noticed

First things first and in seasonal decorating you will most likely think about color first. My own rebellious independent spirit generally doesn't necessarily sense color intrinsically with the season. 

jewel tones for autumn fall decor

Since the season's bounty won't be appearing for sometime in Florida, one thing that I do know as a designer and blogger is that I have to go faux.

Have An Awesome Playdate With Your Home

I'm kind of like a big kid who loves to play dress up. Not dress up in the sense of my personal style, because honestly I'm usually working at home and in yoga clothes and flip flops. The clothing wardrobe may be mundane most days, but when it comes to my home I fashion myself as a chameleon of color and a wizard of wardrobe! With a neutral background and furnishings it's easy to have a playdate with YOUR home.

 Have An Awesome Playdate With Your Home

elegant fall table centerpieces

I'm always chattering around here about designing with a neutral background and I practice what I preach. Benjamin Moore White Dove walls, furnishings that are pale and interesting with texture and simplistic French style lines. If you haven't yet...get out the paint brush and get to work on those walls and you'll whip up a new look in a matter of hours. Then comes the playdate...the fun part...

How To Create A Simple Elegant Mantel For Fall

Sometimes simple is best and I don't like to overthink seasonal decor. The architectural elements of a room are number one in my book of thought with color and furniture placement falling in line after that. A mantel can be an amazing part of a room's design and decorating it seasonally is foolproof in drawing the eye. Here's how I make it work with some simple styling ideas...

How To Create A Simple Elegant Mantel For Fall

french country style fall mantel decorating

First and foremost if you have a mantel or are decorating a shelf, please don't fall into that mode of thinking that everything has to be perfect...