Autumn Touches That Will Make You Crave Simple

Trying to make some lemonade over here at our beach home where life is back to normal after the scary and disruptive Hurricane Irma last week. Not a bad place to hang out for sure, but if you've never experienced hurricane force winds through the night and you are on the ocean...all I can say is wow! As I write this post there is STILL no power in our Miami home and we don't yet if there is damage inside. A waiting game to head down there, and although I know from neighbors the outside property took a major blow....we sit. We wait. Until power is restored.

All of this has made us think priorities and simplification of our lives...


I don't often work when I'm here, but this past week I have and I'm sharing the most subtle of autumn touches as we transition slowly out of hot, hot, hot in Florida to a double shot of hot ;-) 

Autumn Touches That Will Make You Crave Simple

I had a little bit of fun the other day over on my INSTAGRAM feed and asked..."what do you call this style?"

I have carefully chosen pieces in this home and just like's a work in progress and evolves over time! The answers on Instagram? Classic Elegant Coastal, Coastal Chic, Beachside French, Euro Seaside Chic, Coastal Romance...and on and on. If you'd like to check that out or follow me's a link to that post. I'm thrilled to be posting today as part of my friend Rachel of Maison de Pax FALL INTO HOME TOUR and if you are coming over from Shannon's AKA Design, welcome in!

In terms of FALL DECOR, I really have nothing in my thinking these days of LESS IS MORE I just foraged the post-storm beach and looked around in a couple of cabinets for what I could find as well. Do your home and rethink what you already own! I had the COBALT BOTTLE and found some SEA OATS that were broken off at the stems. Simple...and suggest fall at the beach.


I enjoy sitting in my VINTAGE FRENCH CHAIR to read or work on my laptop and adding a NEEDLEPOINT PILLOW adds texture and warmth to suggest autumn. So does the cozy CABLE-KNIT THROW.


I recently redecorated the MASTER BEDROOM here in keeping with the French influence and a coastal theme. The floors are tile because we've had to replace them after a previous hurricane, and I added a NAVY DISTRESSED AREA RUG for fall warmth.



A couple of textural VELVET PILLOWS in deep tones will stay throughout the season. I such a fan of WHITE BEDDING (3 dogs = bleach) and find that if you just add various pillows and throws it can change the entire look of the room. 


The damage from the storm here mostly took down a few trees and damaged plants, so I trimmed up this one and brought in some GOLDEN FOLIAGE for color.


Simple once again with branches stacked in the corner of the room = non-contrived decorating.


More of the sea oats and sea grass picked up from the beach and some bougainvillea clipped from out in front. It is illegal to cut the protective barrier of sea oats, but these were broken off and laying on the sand from the wind.


Simply a whisper of fall color is often all that is needed. 

vintage caned chair shabbyfufu
fall wildflower arrangement


 The breakfast nook is my favorite place to work when I'm here and the touches are natural and few.



Crisp red apples in a vintage bowl, BLUE HYDRANGEAS in a WHITE URN that normally has a lid on it and a sea urchin serve as suggestions of fall in my mind.


I hope that you enjoyed today's FALL TOUR and next on the tour is the talented is my friend Cami of Tidbits, so head over and say hi. I have another thrilling FALL TOUR coming tomorrow with an amazing $1,500 GIVEAWAY! I'd love to have you subscribe to the blog below and please visit the other ladies in the tour as well.