How To Create A Simple Elegant Mantel For Fall

Sometimes simple is best and I don't like to overthink seasonal decor. The architectural elements of a room are number one in my book of thought with color and furniture placement falling in line after that. A mantel can be an amazing part of a room's design and decorating it seasonally is foolproof in drawing the eye. Here's how I make it work with some simple styling ideas...

How To Create A Simple Elegant Mantel For Fall

french country style fall mantel decorating

First and foremost if you have a mantel or are decorating a shelf, please don't fall into that mode of thinking that everything has to be perfect...
We are so apt in today's on-line, fast paced and changing as the wind blows world to fall down the rabbit hole of comparison and that's just not based upon reality! It's tough when you are looking merely to be inspired and you see what looks like the perfect home and what may appear to be the perfect life from the outside.

shabbyfufu fall mantel decorating shabby chic

It's not, I assure just be you and take tips from those who you admire from afar. Fine to emulate but the crowned queens of utopia and doyennes of decor are people just like you. They sit on the toilet daily just like we do and that's a tip that I received years ago when I was forced into taking a public speaking class in college and was scared out of my wits!

Who's to say what's right and what's wrong when it comes to YOUR home? After all...these are just people and the immaculate decor is more often than not staged for those money shots only.

Which brings me back to my point in how simple is often best. It's achievable and you can use those designs that inspire you (or selfless promotion...MY BLOG;-)) for helping your own looks and home.

So let's see what I did here to set up this simple yet relaxed mantel...

french country fall mantel with metallic pumpkins

I was getting ready to head of town for a week when I shot this last week and had no flowers. I did have some silver dollar eucalyptus that I dried though left from my styling that I did for THE HOME DEPOT. Last week I talked about how to create a wreath for fall with DRIED FLOWERS and greenery often dries up so nicely. I planned in my head first and this is going to stay awhile on the mantel in our master bedroom that's opposite the bed and pretty to look at.

fall decorating in neutral


  • Sprinkle your shelf or mantel with some dried greenery or preserved or faux flowers. Be careful not to overcrowd the shelf, but truth be told you can always pull some off or thin things out later.
  • Pumpkins, acorns and gourds...oh my! I am in LOVE with faux pumpkins and fabric pumpkins of all types. These happen to be ITALIAN LAMBSKIN with a velvet pumpkin tossed in for good measure.
  • White pillar candles..always easy to add to any vignette. 
neutral fall  mantel
  • *TIP* - When displaying candles don't just leave them looking brand new. Use them and let the wind blow as it may that creates a crevice that is infinitely interesting. I would not light these candles obviously with the way that they are placed, but they look good and break up the dark with white.

french country mantel fall neutrals

I know that you'll be hunting down pumpkins soon whether real or faux. Turn them sideways, stack them on top of each-other and make little groupings for a more intriguing appeal.

metallic and velvet pumpkins

Same with greenery...twist and turn and be playful with your looks. Step back and look at it like you are Van Gogh. Ta da...done!

cavalier king charles spaniels janet coon shabbyfufu

And then there are these guys who wanted to pop in and act as my assistants, as always. Join me on Monday for a home tour and have an amazing holiday weekend and if you haven't subscribed you can do that below!