12 Top Gifts For Dogs Curated By A Pro

If you love dogs, have dogs or care about dogs there are lots of products these days on the market to keep both you AND your precious pet happy and safe! One of my daughters is in the pet care business and if there is anyone that could pick the best trustworthy dog products it's her! We love our dogs and always give them dog gifts for the holidays, so if you are thinking all things dog I have a great little guide to share with you today. 

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12 Top Gifts For Dogs Curated By A Pro

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Are you always on the go and love to bring your dog? This dog storage bag is collapsible and can be used for both food and water and has a poop bag holder and an adjustable cross body strap.

The Kong is a classic and a great way to keep dogs busy. It's inexpensive too and a perfect little something to put in a doggie Christmas stocking ;-)

Do you want to go for a ride? That gets the dogs excited every single time and this dog seat cover for cars, trucks and SUVs is really a necessity if you take your dogs traveling.

Most dogs shed and ours definitely do. This is a great de-furring tool that helps keep your home cleaner and allergies at bay.

We have a new grandog in the family and this is the book that my daughter has been using to train her little pup Nora. She is 7 months old now and has become a real "solid citizen" with applying the techniques taught here. 

This kit is truly a MUST HAVE for every dog owner! A first aid kit with all of the essentials to have on hand including a tick removing tool. If you purchase nothing else, this is worth buying for your beloved pet.

A double handle reflective dog leash that we love in our family and for every leash sold they donate one to a dog rescue organization:-)

Here we have a really safe harness for dog walking and it's comfortable for your dog because it wraps around his/her chest. 

If you have a dog that eats too quickly it can really give them digestion issues and sometimes even be fatal. This is a fun feeder that will stop bloat by slowing down the eating process and it's interactive for your dog as well. 

When you have dogs it's almost like having babies and there will be lots of stuff! This combines two things in one, so it saves space. It's a combination of a crate and a gate and has a nice traditional look.

There are just those times that you want to keep your dog away from what you are doing or in a separate area for safety. Our dogs know that when I am cooking they need to go behind the gate and they don't mind one bit. A walk through gate adds that convenience and the "step over the gate routine" is never fun for us humans:-)

My dogs have several of these beds and this is one of the brands that they sleep on during the day. There are zippers to take off the covers that are machine washable and dryable...and that's a must!

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