Easy Steps For An Inviting English Country Style

What comes to mind for you when you dream about the English countryside? Is it thatched roofs and bucolic country roads laced with majestic floral gardens?

white vintage caned chair with flowers shabbyfufu

Do you envision yourself in a rich manor with mahogany furnishings and lots of velvets and tassels? What about pedigreed oil portraits and luxe tapestries hanging alongside bookcases filled with leather bound and gilded books? All of that is pretty formal and for my personal style it would be too stuffy. I think of English Country Style as being relaxed and liveable.
A predecssor of the Shabby Chic style with more of a faded look of grandeur than of royal formality. Cozy is king, or queen...with mushy furniture that you sink into and nothing stiff or pretentious. Let's go for the for the breezy, the casual chic style of English country...and here are a few thoughts on what to include.

Easy Steps For An Inviting English Country Style

copper thanksgiving table setting shabbyfufu

Cut flowers are everywhere and don't need to be formally arranged. Colors are softly muted and subdued in pale pinks and watered down blues, often with greenery and sunny yellow.

feminine style thanksgiving table setting

Chintz fabrics along with lace, paisley, ruffles, roses and faded prints. Laura Ashley mini prints and pin stripes on walls or most innocent pastels.

chair slipcover shabbyfufu

cabbages and roses mini roses

Lots of throw pillows and window seats for dreaming the day away with a good novel.

white petticoat ruffle bedspread

window seat shabby fufu style

french white settee shabbyfufu

White painted floorboards and eiderdown quilts piled high on a bed. Simple items that reflect the comfort of home with a lived in look.

shabbyfufu blue ruffle throw etsy shop

What are YOUR thoughts on this style? Could you live with the softness or do you prefer more formality in your home? For more tips, go the DECORATING TAB ON THE TOP OF THE BLOG.

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