6 Metallic Home Decor Kitchen Accents To Love

Hi friend! I'm not one to follow every trend that comes along and certainly prefer objects with a timeless quality. That being said, it does seem as if metallics have been very much favored as of late if you follow along with the decor magazines and shops.

copper bowl and aqua beach glass bottles

I've ALWAYS had a love of all metallics and have incorporated tones of copper, silver and gold in our homes forever and a day! Not to mention jewelry...and I love a pretty gold ring as much as you probably do ;-) Home accents can be the jewelry of the home, whether it be a copper cooking pan hung on a display rack, a silver photo frame or gold cabinet handles in the kitchen.
We recently renovated the kitchen in our beach home and can I let you in on a little secret? The round cabinet knobs were actually in the kitchen of our Miami home years ago and I found them in the garage and decided to use them here! You know...nothing ever goes completely out of style and will eventually come back in!

6 Metallic Home Decor Kitchen Accents To Love


The long handles on the drawers are new and from Restoration Hardware, so I justified the cost by saving on reusing the cabinet knobs that I'd saved. I'm not a pack rat or hoarder and don't recommend that you become one either, but some things are just worth saving and I I knew that I'd use these again someday ;-)

Speaking of gold and of kitchens...I've been shopping on Amazon today for a few new things needed in the kitchen and thought that I'd share a few very chic favorites with you today. If you are wondering what affiliate links are, it means that I make a very small ((and I do mean very...as in, not even a cup of coffee at Starbucks)) commission if you make a purchase through my link. You DO NOT pay anything extra and every little bit helps to support this blog. I thank you for that!


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