20 Jaw Dropping Ways To Recycle Old Books

I was talking with a friend today about books and the fact that a great leather bound read is basically a thing of the past that doesn't seem to hold as much value in today's world. Are you old enough to remember having to actually look things up in a dictionary or encyclopedia pre Google?


Maybe you can chime in because I don't know very many school age children and wondering if everything has gone tablet yet? What about on college campuses? Do books still hold value in your life and do you love to hold them in your hand, as I do? Books have so many ways to recycle once you are finished reading them. Definitely not jaw dropping, but pass that novel that you are reading along to a friend or donate to the local library or thrift shop.

I love to make things when time permits and shared this DIY on HOW TO AGE A NEW BOOK


Another no fail fun project that I shared shows you  HOW TO MAKE A UNIQUE BOOK RUNNERso if you have some spare old paperbacks on hand check it out!


And I shared this super CUTE wall that I spotted when I work with the Design Bloggers Tour at High Point Market from Joanna Gaines' showroom Magnolia Homes. This would be a fun temporary installment in your kiddo's playroom! 


Today I've gathered up 20 of the BEST WAYS TO RECYCLE OLD BOOKS for you from some talented bloggers. Check them out and let me know if you plan on creating anything in this list! 

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old books recycling ideas

  1. DIY Book Blinding Hiding Spot from farmfreshtherapy.com
  2. DIY Gift Box From A Vintage Book from makeanddocrew.com
  3. Custom Portable Art Case from blog.consumercrafts.com
  4. DIY Book Headboard from designeverydayblog.com
  5. Homemade Book Clutch from thesurznickcommonroom.com
  6. DIY Paper Book Pumpkins from mountainmodernlife.com
  7. Book Clock from domesticallyblissful.com
  8. DIY Vintage Book Page Coasters from cleverpinkpirate.com
  9. DIY Projects The Book Vase from katescreativespace.com
  10. Recycled Book Page Butterfly Wreath from diyinspired.com
  11. DIY Mini Book Page Wreath from thehoneycombhome.com
  12. Wall Shelf From Faux Vintage Books from apieceofrainbow.com
  13. DIY Phone Book Coasters from gina-michele.com
  14. DIY Knife Holder Made From Upcycled Books from reusegrowenjoy.com
  15. DIY Book Page Frame Collage from hydrangeahippo.com
  16. How To Make A Book Lamp from theshabbycreekcottage.com
  17. Vintage Book Tablet Case from stampedinhisimage.blogspot.com
  18. DIY Book Flower from someofthisandthat.com
  19. DIY Book Business Card Holder from morningcreativity.com
  20. Easy Gem Book Sculpture from muslinandmerlot.blogspot.com