Why I Blog In This Sad And Crazy World

I had such a great weekend with the family being together (the famjam;-) , which once the kids are grown up can be a rare treat! My girls are very private in nature and don't like me to share their pics on the blog any longer, and since they are young adults now I do respect that.


We are still in clean up mode here from Hurricane Irma and making progress! The huge trash piles are being picked up in our neighborhood and hopefully we will be able to get some new fences put up soon.


These are really life's minor inconveniences though, and I do know that in the grand scheme of things. I'm feeling sad today for what happened in Vegas with the shooting and feeling unsettled about the state of so much that is wrong in the world today. My blog though isn't political and I feel that I have a purpose in this sad and crazy society.


Just to bring beauty and light and to inspire. When you love what you do it's not that difficult to take time to see grace in the every day. Growing up I always felt a little bit different because I was that kid who stopped what I was doing to study a simple flower. To look at the lines, to see the movement, to smell it and to notice the variations in color. To bring in some colored rocks and arrange them on the nightstand in my bedroom. Seeing the glimmers of light in the flecks of metal embedded in the granite pebbles that I dug from the yard. To find new purposes for objects that I'd find outside for free and find allure in the broken and tattered. Not much has changed and we really don't as we get older. We are who we were born to be and to discover one's purpose is truly a gift.


I'm a blogger, crafter, seller of objects, social media influencer, writer...often all of the aforementioned and sometimes just one. In this crazy and insane world I have to sometimes bury my head in the sand and stay in my lane and just bring whatever bit of loveliness I can to anyone that I reach and touch.


And this is why I continue to blog my friends and although there have been many times this year when I've been discouraged I keep going. One photo after the next and enjoying the journey while turning off thoughts of the destination.


Have a wonderful day and let's lift each-other up and think about all of the world's beauty to absorb and to share.