Style Showcase 3 - Your Stylish Blog And Instagram Link Party

Welcome in to Style Showcase week number 3 and Happy November! We really appreciate your support of our new blog and INSTAGRAM showcase and hope that you find lots of new blogs and Instagram accounts to follow...which is our goal. I've been on Instagram almost since it's inception and you'll find me at SHABBYFUFU (but of course;-).


I enjoy being over there and hanging out for inspiration when I can and have made some great friendships and partnerships on the platform. I'm going to be a bit quiet on the blog over the next few days as I head off on what looks to be a wonderful blog trip, and if you follow me and check out my INSTAGRAM stories I'll be sharing what I'm up to often! Below is some of what Lory and I have been up to as co-hosts and our picks for the week. If you're a blogger...please link up and if you're a reader...I'll be seeing you soon! xo, Janet