Kitchens and When It's Time To Remodel

I haven't really shared our beach home kitchen much on the blog now that the remodel is finished, because honestly when we are there working is not necessarily on the brain. It is looking pretty though and I'm happy with the choices that we've made and the fact that we stayed on budget for the most part.

beach house kitchen

It needed the update badly and now I am thinking about our Miami house kitchen that is dated and in some instances worn. If only I could get the husband on board...we will see!

miami house kitchen

It's a tough decision to make and my thoughts are that I would like to replace the granite counters that are dated, but have held up so nicely for the last 10+ years. Lightening up like we did at our beach home would be something that I'd love to do, but Mr. Practical Contractor and I can't seem to agree on a surface. And then the appliances are worn and lets not even talk about the cabinets that are original to this 1962 home! What would you do if this was your kitchen to design? Would you create something lighter and brighter, or darker and bolder? I'd love your thoughts in the comments friends!

Now it's time for our weekly series, Home Style Saturdays and I hope that those of you who are stuck inside with the winter weather stay safe and warm this weekend....xo, Janet