5 Tips For Simple Elegant Winter Decorating

This post is about simple yet elegant decorating for winter and with a new year I think that it's important to evaluate and make changes. As much as I do love the holiday season and all of the chance to be a fancy Nancy, once all of that is put away I like simple.


My decorating style has definitely changed over the years and it's okay. As I've alluded to before I feel that approaching home design should be flexible and geared to you (living, breathing design). I've shared some organizing and cleaning posts recently and I still have a long way to go. Since there is always so much going on here though I'm not setting unrealistic goals or pushing too hard. I think that's key in January with goal setting and many of us can be hard on ourselves if we set those new year's resolutions and go astray. So here's to simple and simplifying and letting go of stuff!


Simple winter flower arrangement of white peonies and eucalyptus in THIS BUCKET that set my blog on fire a few years ago. It's on the coffee table and doesn't need much else to bring life to a cool toned room.


A couple of pillows that were stored in my studio and a textured grey throw. With the white and grey color theme they add interest and not overabundance.


Mantel texture with a vintage beaded dome light fixture turned objet d'art and 5 grey candles add the glow. Add things in odd numbers for more interest on a mantel or shelf and your eyes can move around to spot each one with ease.


Every room should have good bones and some architectural elegance and in this world of "less is more" they stand out! Not everyone has a pair of antique gates at their design disposal, so something like a small corbel or a large piece of driftwood can work.


Low key French style elegance is perfect for those cold winter months, even though the weather outside here is delightful.


The expansive marble window seat is cool and comfortable and adds texture without fuss. The pups think so too and hang out here watching the world go by both outside and in.


  • For every new item that you purchase for your home, get rid of one other thing. 
  • If you haven't used it in the last 6 months to a year you probably just don't need it. If you stash it in the garage or attic it may never make it's way out again until you move!
  • Try and find someone locally who will want your item instead of trashing it, if it's in good enough condition. My housekeeper (of 12 years now!) is a single mom and I just love her, so I run everything by her first before donating. 
  • Donating...my choices for that are either Habitat For Humanity Restore (they pick up), the farming co-op who distributes to the seasonal migrant crop workers, or a local shelter. There is a V.A. thrift shop up near our beach home that takes donations for resale too. Just check around and do your research before donating. 
  • Clear out and clean out your rooms seasonally and deeply. Our living room needs a good coat of fresh paint and hopefully we will get to that soon. 
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