Top Ten Home Decorating and DIY Posts for 2017

I'm not sure if it's a function of age, but can you remember as a kid you just couldn't wait until you got older and could do the things that perhaps your older siblings were allowed to do? I recall not only bursting to be able to wear makeup and go on a date with a boy, but being able to have my own room to decorate...since I shared a room with my sister growing up.

I've always been that girl who loved to design and create and since then I've had many opportunities to do just that and today I'm excited for this new year and new things on the horizon! My yearly TOP TEN POSTS are here and if you'd like to see last years I have those for you HERE. I'm excited to join in with some super talented blog friends and participate in this tour hosted by my friend Cami over at Tidbits. One thing about decorating and design, it's like a living and breathing entity and is forever changing. That's one of the things that I love and find so inspiring! Let's dig in to my countdown that is a combination of design and DIY posts.

10.  How To Make Realistic Paper Flowers - Project Tutorial

It can be rather frustrating to find beautiful fresh flowers at times and I will often fill in with either silk or some of these paper flowers that are mixed in with the arrangement below. See how you can make them in this paper flower project tutorial.


9.  How To Style With French Farmhouse Decor

I've been so fortunate to travel to France quite a few times over the years and visit some gorgeous authentic French farmhouses. Taking some cues from that style that I love is how I enjoy decorating and shared some tips in this post.


Although the title is pretty self explanatory, I think that you'll find some great take away tips in this article that explains my process of arranging living room furniture. It applies to any room in your home too.


Certainly no secret that I've always decorated my home with a romantic style and in this post I share 10 ways for you to create that vibe in your home! 


Christmas posts are always a favorite and thank you dear readers for your visits to this one!


I have always loved blush pink in small doses and it's possible to sneak that color in to ANY style. Who's with me here? 


While my home make look somewhat elegant, I have been a lifelong believer in careful shopping and working with a budget. Much of what I have in my home has been curated over time and found in all sorts of places. I am not above dumpster diving or roadside finds and often hit up the in this popular post I'm talking tips!


We recently renovated the small kitchen at our beach home, and since this is our second home budget was definitely a factor. My husband is a general contractor and designed this closet turned coffee bar and we are sharing free CAD plans with you.


My home has always had white walls and lots of white furniture, but after living with this table that we built ourselves for a couple of years it was time to lighten it up. I can't tell you what a difference this made and it was fast and easy to do! 


Maybe a bit presumptuous to call it the right way (lol) but I've painted pinecones by the score over the years and this is the best way that I've found to get a great look. I think that pinecones painted white are a fabulous look for winter...and NOT just Christmas! 


I hope that you enjoyed the post on posts and let's see what everyone else has to share! I'd love your comments and or questions and am wishing you a wonderful, beautiful, health filled and prosperous 2018!

Top Ten Home Decorating and DIY Posts for 2018-shabbyfufu-pinterest
Top Ten Home Decorating and DIY Posts for 2018-shabbyfufu