When I first started blogging over 10 years ago none of us knew where this journey would take us. Back then blogs were set up as more of a personal journal and who could ever dream that this could eventually lead us to make any money! There were no guide books, no seminars or blog conferences and our page views came from other bloggers that became our readers and friends. Over the years we started to discover that blogging could be a way to reach a worldwide audience, and eventually a way to make some money with ad networks. The world of the internet moves so quickly and it has lead to great opportunities and a full time income for bloggers and social media influencers! Personally I've had so many great things come my way along this journey from working with major brands that I love, to paid travel and a host of published work in print.

I would love to help you sort out your path and can offer my expertise on several subjects that I now know well. If you are a new blogger and looking to grow and potentially make more money or work with brands I can help lead the way. If you need help with styling and photography I can coach you via Skype or phone and teach you some of the same techniques that I taught for the last 2 years at the Haven Conference to my students. Social media is a difficult part of blogging to master and I'd love to teach you what I know.

A few things that I feel qualify me to act as your teacher and coaching partner:

Social media:

Facebook, over 403,000 fans and almost 5,000 Facebook "friends". I am able to monetize this platform on occasion with Facebook Lives and boosted posts from brand partners.
I run a well loved support group on Facebook of over 200 bloggers that are over the age of 50.

Instagram, over 109,000 followers and excellent engagement. I regularly monetize my page by working with brand partnerships.

Pinterest, over 3.2 million average monthly viewers.

I'd love to chat and find out what your needs are, so please drop me a note at and we can go from there. My rate for a private, one on one phone consult is currently $125 for one hour.

Janet Coon